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Convent Light Street


Registered: July 2008
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Farha Ajir<>

I've spent all my life shifting from one place to another. And all in all, i've been in 8 learning institutions. Each contributed to mould me into a person i am now, yet CLS has the greatest impact on me. Partially it was due to the fact that i was at the tender and impressionable age of 13 and 14 (92 ? 93 ?- 1 & 2 Indigo). As compared to many of my peers, im kind of rootless, growing up in an ever-changing environment thanks (or no thanks) to my dad being with the RMAF. I was always envious of fellow CLS classmates who so evidently shared many many years before them with each other, some even dated back in kindy years. Yet the warmth and understanding extended to me in that still young age, made me feel welcomed and one of the girls. In that brief two years before I was again spirited away, CLS teachers and fellow students taught me what sisterhood is all about, what social responsibility is, what spirit of togetherness means. No matter where I go, what kind of environment ! I get thrown in, no matter how many old friends I lose for one reason or another, I always am proud to say that I too have colistrian memories in me. I too was nurtured by the loving colistrian ?hands?. I too went through colistrian tradition. I guess, moving here and there not only confined to geographical shift, but it is evident also in my choice of career. I was a pure science student but have a degree in Finance. Right upon graduation end of 2002, I joined a women?s group full time where I coordinated public education events. And up till now, I still consider myself an activist-in-training I think I?ve been bless by God, as opportunities upon opportunities always come my way. I?m now in Davao City Philippines, working full time with a regional peace-building institution where I coordinate international networking on the prevention of armed conflict for southeast asia. In short, what im saying here is that I want to thank CLS for instilling in me the best gift of all! , and that is to believe in myself, and to always strive for the best that I can be. If anyone of u out there still remember me, do drop a line and get in touch with me.. Take care, and congratulations CLS!!!

Dr.Shoba Raghuram<>

It was my privelege to be a student at this school when Sister Francis de Sales was Principal-in 1968. I subsequently after graduation won the AFS scholarship to Us, then graduated with a Gold Medal in Masters in English Literature in India, got a Ph.D. in Philosophy and did Post doctoral research in France at the Univ.of Sorbonne under the French Govt Scholarship. Today, I am in development work in India in poverty eradication efforts and I look back to this great institution and know that I owe everything to the foundation that I had in this school. It is an institution that is remarkable for the values it gave its students. I remember Sister Josephine teaching us to think about our lives behind each book and to live with responsibility. I am right now visiting Penang island and hope to meet Mother Superior and convey to her my warmest recollections and my deepest sense of gratitude. Thank you for remaining so extraordinary and for having me as a pupil.

Elaine Lim<>

I was just killing time looking up some infos on Penang and I too stumbled onto this site. I was a CLS student too, 1974 - 1986 (2 years in the kindy...coz my mum was a teacher there so guess to keep me out of trouble I had to endure 2 years of kindy but which I enjoyed very much) Just looking thru some of the pictures of the school buildings/compounds brought tears to my eyes. Remembered the primary school hall which we had our music/singing lessons. And I'm sure all who had gone thru Primary 1 in CLS would agree with me how we scare ourselves with stories of the haunted toilets of Primary 1. If I remember correctly think the toilets did looked bit earie...big...and spooky. Recess time was always a blast, one-leg, high-jump with rubberbands joined together, 7 stones and okay hope I get the spelling right "ka-li-toi" and zero point. Secondary school was great too. Miss Lim who taught us English, I think, in Form 3 was good but haha really fierce. Then there was Puan Naimah, another very strict teacher but many of us loved her very much.."Murid-murid kamu semua mes! ti gunakan akal" something to that effect (think my bahasa bit rusty) I can still remember how she sounds like. Oh dear think I can go on the whole night... I've lost touch with I think everyone from CLS so those who has some recollection of me do drop me a line. Form 1-3 (1982-84) and Form 4-5 Arts stream then went over to St Xaviers for my Form 6. As I was reading the feedback I remembered Adeline Lee and Teoh Siew Yee. Cheers!!

Sarina Augustine<>

Hello colistrians. I am very excited to find this web site. Brings back fond memories. Although my stay at CLS was a brief one (1990 to 1992), it was definitely one of the most memorable. I want to let my friends and former classmates know that even though we haven't talk or see each other for ages, I could still in fact remember some of your names and faces. So, Yee Quin, Jazimah, Sherry, Hun Nee, Nancy, Lisa, Dhana, Sujatha, Yashota, Swee Ting, Siew Lian, Mei Fern, Annie, Meeknashi, Tamilirasi, Azlina, Lai Kuan and also any names I forget to mention; wherever you are, feel free to write to me. I still hold those pleasant memories of us close to my heart. And I am sure all of you agree that somehow we owe it to our CLS!!!

Ng Lye Kheng<>

Hello Year 76. I am Ng Lye Kheng (5 Sastera) currently residing in London. Thought I would share with you that I met up with Tneh Chooi Hoon of 5 Sains 2 and Goh Tung Ai of 5 Sains Rumah Tangga yesterday and had a fabulous time. We started off with retail therapy at Oxford Street and then to Regent Street and had a good result in the winter sale.....very pleased with the bargains, encouraging each other to spend to our hearts content. This is a very therapeutic exercise. It is a shame we do not have the chance to see each other often because we do not live that closeby. Thinking about it, I would not have ever dream that we would be still in touch and having this mini reunion. Ended the day with chee-cheong fun, curry-mee, hokkien-mee, Penang-laksa, tau foo fah, buborcha-cha etc. and reminiscing about the good old days. Nothing can compare with the real thing but this food is as good as it will get in UK. Love to hear from you all. Kind regards, Lye Kheng.

Jasmine Chan<>

I'm a student of Convent Light Street. I really love this school very much. I'm now in form1 in 2004. I start studying here from 1997-?. I'm very proud to be a Colistrians. I never regret studying in this school. It is the best school in the whole world. CLS, all the best!

Ng Yoke Yan<>

I share many wonderful and sad memories with my friends and teachers there. CLS is like a second home to me. Here's to another 150 years to Convent Light Street! Cheers!

Leong Lai Yeow<>

I'm so touched to see the pictures above and all the feedback from ex-students. It's really a wonderful coincident to stumble across this webpage. and I recognise some people here, Yee Quin, Lisa, Gillian, Hunnee and maybe some more that I missed out! This school really holds a lot of memories for me, every picture brings back a certain event in the past. I remember having recorder lessons in the chequred floor hall, sitting in a circle and singing edelweiss with friends during breaks and playing hopscotch on the sandy parts of the field during recess time. And then there was the netball practises in the 'hidden' garden next to the sea. And once we had a contest to decorate the christmas tree on the roundabout and our class decorated the tree with cotton from ermm... pads out of desperation. ha ha. And I love our pendidikan rumahtangga lesson and our teacher. she's so fun. Everyone is so down to earth and I'm glad I grew up at that time. I was in CLS from kindergarten to form 3 from 1981-1991. Oh Yee Quin, I was in the Snow White play too. Smile (anyone knows where the prince is? ha ha) Anyone who knows me, do write to me! I really miss all the classmates that I have lost in contact with!

Sherene Saw<>

would like to ask why is there no school logo????

Christal Loh<>

I've miss my old school so much... i've never thought i'll be leaving cls but as lives goes on, we shall just past through those gates for the last time. I'll never miss those times i havw with my buddies in class, playing games , creaking jokes, gossiping the person sitting oopsite us and fighting for food in the canteen.if to list all, the whole web site would never be enough. cls has brought us lives by educating us in every acpects. i'll never forgotten my teachers in cls.Especially, Pn Woo who gave us lots of homework but bear great fruits, Ms Leong which teaches me Add Mats,Pn. Maureen Au who thought me PJ since form 1 to form 4, mr chan who teaches fizik using his own ways, pn Soon who gave me all the advices in class,Pn Cheok, for history and librarian teacher advisor, Pn Ng. library teacher advisor and all those who's a teacher in cls... i started schooling in cls since 1992 for primary 1 till form 5 in 2002. the feeeling of passing those gates will always stays in my heart forver. Once a Colistrian, always a colistrian.... cause we bear in mind that we always'Be Aware, Care & Share'. Thanx so much for all the wonderful miracles that had made happen in cls...

Suzanne Yeang<>

love and miss the school loads. nice pics and all...but shouldnt there be more reading material? do add more~~~its good to read abt the school...brings back loads of memories.well keep up the good work. by the way students in the class of 98' do write to me~. love to hear from ex-colistrians.

Cheeky Bernice<>

My classmates and I are on the search for Shalini d/o Anthony Balasubramaniam. (I hope i got the name right). She has a sister Shamala who was also a colistrain. Please do write to me if anyone has their contact information. It has been too long... To anyone else who knows write to me all the same. I am in contact with the class of 5sc (1994), and other cool peeps from the same year..:)

Adeline Lee<>

I may not be the best example of a student but I love CLS very much. I used to hate school holidays simply because I couldn't come to school to meet my friends. I studied in CLS from 1976 to 1986. I have a lot of happy memories of this school. If anyone of you can recall who I am, do write.Cheers.

Cheong Mei Joon<>

I'm not sure if anyone know me here but i used studied at CLS since kinddy till Form 3 (1996). Since then i'm off to Australia to finish my high school and i'm currently finishing my last year at uni. Reading through each story there are a few names that ring a bell but you girls are a year lower. I really miss CLS, all the fun i used to have with all my mates. I did make a few trips back to Penang in the past 6 1/2 years and i did pay a visit to my old school and wow! that place is in an excelent condition. Has there been any reunions at CLS??????? Please write to me and exchange some great stories about those years before i left.

Jenny Collins (formerly Ang Hong Lian)<>

Any one from CHIJ Malacca? I was a student from 1957 (Standard 1 - headmistress Miss Lim) until I left in 1966. I was a shy student in those days but I remember Lee Wye Leng who went to Australia, Antoinnete (Joseph) I think who lived just opposite CHIJ, Philomena Nunis I think, Audrey something or rather, Ivy Ang who moved to Miami around 1963's.

Dolly Gan<>

Hi! I was a student of CLS from 1956 to 1963. I'd like to contact any of my school mates of that time especially Tengku Kamaliah Badlishah, Lily Khoo Kin Ean, Beh Tung Keng, etc. Wherest art thou? I miss the old gang. I migrated to Australia in 1976 & am working here in Mt. Gambier South Australia. Dolly.

Lim Ai Li<>

It's so great seeing all the photos n even greater viewing all the replies. Keep up the good work,guys! Ranjini, audrey, bee hooi n wei wei, i nvr thought that i see u guys in this page. So good 2 hear from u all! I'm still in UM. Hsiao lin also with me. I really miss ur school days-friends n teachers especially Miss Maizuyah. (5sc 1999)

Wong Siew Mok<>

I am from CLS 1962-72. Wow the pics of CLS looks spectacular. Any clssmate out there? I remember Zelie Ho, Yew Phui Har, Toh Poh Gaik. Look fwd to chatting with anyone who remembers me.

Chan Eng Heng<>

Martha Hang, Antoinette, Patricia and Surjit were my classmates and I was simply thrilled to read their messages here. My 12 years (1957-1967) at the CLS were memorable ones and I do think my teachers have done a good job on me. Thank you, Mrs Ng (my Std. 5 class teacher), Miss Yeoh, Miss Lim Beng Hooi, Miss Mehta (she used to make us identify the part of speech of every single word in a sentence), Mrs Carrier and all the sisters who have taught me. I was one of the poorest kids in class and I remember the kindness shown to me by some of my richer classmates. We used to have school funfairs and when I could not afford to buy funfair tickets, Kee Hua gave me one of her ticket books. Thank you, Kee Hua. Her ambition was to be an architect and she had said how nice it would be if I could be her draughtsman! I also remember that when I was a kid in Std. 3, I used to stop by the chapel and pray to God to give me a job which pays at least RM150 a month when I finished school. God has answered my prayers and given me a job which earns many times that... Smile I can ramble on and on, but will not. I'll just end here and hope that anyone who remembers me would drop me a note. Class of '67 - is there any chance that we can have a reunion somewhere, someday??

Betty Martin (nee Chin)<>

The pictures look good. CLS looks a lot different from when I was an orphan girl there between '52 and '64. After leaving CLS I lived in Australia for 21 years and was in contact with many of the girls from the orphanage. I now live in New Jersey USA and was wondering if there are any orphan girls from CLS around that time period living in this area.

Sandra Devi<>

I went to school there from primary school (1989) to my secondary year in Form Two(1996). My name is Sandra Devi and I am trying to track down some of my old classmates. I would be most appreciative if anyone could give me some info on who I went to school with(eg. names, school records, history etc.) Thank you whoever who put up those beautiful phots up. Certainly brings back wonderful memories of the friends that I have made there ...although I wouln't name the psychotic nuns/teachers that i have as my most fav, people in my list. I am residing now in Auckland, New Zealand..and I would be happy to correspond with anyone who can provide me some info on my school background. I completed school in Form two (1996) in a class called 2 Merah

Siri Ranjini Rajagopal<>

great job done by who ever came up with this idea. looking at these pictures far away from homemakes me feel like im not far away from home. thanks alot. good old memories of being a colistrian came back to me.

Audrey Tang Mei Vern<>

Wow. Great job to the person who put the photos up - real good shots too. I've been a Colistrian all my life, from kindy to Form 5 (1999) and I've always been proud of CLS. IMHO, best school in Penang. *GRIN* I'm in San Francisco now, haven't been back to see the school since I graduated, but after seeing the feedback and the photos, damn, brings back a lot of memories - friends, teachers, creepy ghost stories during camp, debating and just plain being there. Hey Wei, fancy seeing my name after yours, huh? And to all my friends whom I shared 12 years in CLS with - I miss you all! My mum would love to see this page!

Goh Bee Hooi<>

I am an alumni of CLS 1999 (5 SC). Be grateful if anyone could share with me bout our batch of girls!

Aerilynn Saw Wei Wei<>

I read each entry stated above mine with a smile on my face. Even though we may never meet one another, it's amazing how we can connect so well through this historic school. I do not know most of the names that appeared above, so I hope that perhaps some familiar names may come up below mine. I truly miss those schooling years. On a side note, it's so ironic that my boss is also from the same school although she is so much more older than me!! :P

Surjit Kaur Butcher<>

Hi everyone - guess what, I've decided to get on the internet at last !! To all my friends just to let you know that I have been in the UK since 1968 - happily married to Rod for over 30 years and with 2 wonderful sons and a daughter-in-law. Still in nursing specialising in palliative care in the community. After living in Liverpool for 15 years, my family and I moved to Peterborugh, Cambrigeshire in 1983. Antoinette I got your message from my sister, will write soon. Looking at the pictures brought back memories of the nuns and the girls in the orphanage. I also still remember Lena Tan, Sally Lam, Siew Guat and Pat Ong. If anyone one else remembers me, especially if you live in the UK please get in touch - would be lovely to have a chin-wag and catch up on the past years. Good wishes to all.

Eunice Lanying Low<>

hey there CLS. unfortunately i never did graduated from this wonderful school. i went there from standard one to form 2. moved to kulim for one yr. so now im in USA missing the good old times i had my my frens and some of my enemies. i really am proud of CLS cos its a really good school and also fun..... i still remember my frens who are class of 2002. my very good buddy saw yen chin, will never forget her. for all of those who hv not graduated yet, cherish ur lovely school and treat it good. miss u CLS

Chok Yee Quin<>

Through a span of 12 years I've been a student in CLS, there are naturally both happy and unhappy moments. I was in the Kindergarten (1982) and left in Form 5 (1993). I believe all these memories are very personal for each and everyone who've spent both brief and long period of time in CLS. Each person may remember it differently - hear different sounds and see different shades of CLS. I'd like to share a few of my treasured moments there, with you all, just very quickly. Maybe some of you were there with me at the same time, or perhaps you were there in the moment. What I'd like to reminisce are these moments: a stage show 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' which I had a part in Kindergarten; hilarious times when Lisa, Nancy and I were rostered together in our prefect duties in Primary; my solo performance on the piano during Talent Nite (with Eunice turning the pages of my music book for me), 7th City Girl Guide campings in the school, selling chocolate milk-shakes and ice-cream with Sherry during Canteen Day; sitting for major exams and doing last minute cramming with classmates and getting many jabs (Rubella,Hepatitis-B,etc)with badly contorted face - and many many more, in Secondary years.There are very special friends from CLS with whom I'm still very close to. My dear friends are Eunice, Dhana, Jazimah and Lai Kuan. They were there at my wedding dinner in last December. Eunice was my lovely MC for the night.You know, wherever I've been to, near and far,I've always wondered, if there might be another person out there, who was from CLS. Well, there were 2 of them, infact. I met them while on my way to Qatar. We were all on the same flight to Doha (the capital of Qatar) and were going to start our flying career with the national airline. It meant alot of comfort to have the two of them with me while journeying to a place far from my family and friends. We were even housemates there. When, I learnt that they were from CLS, it really really gave a great comfort of familiarity. Anyway, I shall look at the pictures again, and replay all those moments in CLS in my mind.

Lim Ai Bee<>

Looking at the schools pictures spurred up lots of vivid unforgettable memories of my high school years. I can almost visualize a bunch of us from class of 1992 here and there on the picture learning and bonding?? Walking down memory lane now, I would like to thank my family, friends and teachers for I have gained and learn so much here. It is more than just education, my strong characters and leadership qualities are developed through the years too. Strong friendships are built along the way and I am glad that many of my friends turn up to be very supportive and encouraging through many of my life events. I am grateful Smile The school can only do so much?..the rest it?s up to you. I believe If there is a will, there is a way. Everything could be possible ?don?t set a limit for yourself. If you do not try, you?ll never know Wink


Syabas to the person who came up with this wonderful site & with pics too! I spent so many years of my life in CLS from Kindy till Form 5. When I look at these photos, it brought back so many memories and warm thoughts. I have only my mom to thank, for sending me to this fantastic school which has enriched me beyond words and I can't imagine how dull my younger years would be if I hadn't been to the 'Clever Ladies School'. Anyway, to all my classmates Year 1991, write me if you see ME here!! I'm in the UK now...but my heart will always remain in Penang! XXX

Ooi Poh Poh (Pauline Naidu)<>

Hi there, I attended Covent Light Street from 1965 - 1969 and am currently living in the UK, for the past 30 odd years. Have a great deal of memories from school and would love to get in touch with any of the girls who were there at that time. So get in touch... PS Remember Long Chin Tan? Our history teacher?

Meow-Tuan Seow<>

I went to school at Convent Light Street. I had a great time at the school and the teachers were great. Made a lot of friends in school. The pictures of the school brings back good memmories. I live in Canada now and I always visit the school when I visit my parents in Penang


I was just serfing the net to check out on weather and news and came across this CLS site by accident. What memmories the pictures bring back!!! I graduated in 1969 and my 2 sisters Pooi Ling and Pei Lee graduated a few years after that. I was glad my mother insisted that we all get educated there; what a school! The pictures just bring back good and "bad" memories: all the fun times I had with my classmates and the corridoors where we used to hide and sat on the floor at lunchtime; and by the clean dry drain next to the frangipenny trees where we got punished for not doing out homework!! Those framed names of POW, how I used to just look and read the names when I get bored in class (my desk was just next to the square one) that was when I was in standard5! Great memorries of my English and Form Mistress Miss. Mehta, Science teacher Mrs.Goh, Sr Francis de Salles, Sr MaryJoe (met her years ago in Liverpool, UK) and fond memories of Teacher Annie, Miss Cheah, Miss. Teoh, Mrs. Goh, and many wonderful teachers we had. I've studied and worked in England and Canada; Taiwan, and now on my way to Hong kong to join my husband... now that even my younger child has graduated and working in Vancouver, Canada. The school taught me values to live by in life and how to set priorities. Of the greatest, I learned the power of prayer; remembering going to the chapel every morning as I entered the school gate and heading for the chapel. I've not seen anyone from the class of 69 on this site,maybe oneday! Keep up the graet work CLS!!

Tan Eng San(Kelly)<>

I am one of the naughties student in my classroom. 11 years studying in a same school. I feel bored. I dislike my school. I wonder how nice if I have the chance to change school like some of the student do. I do not like everything in my school. Teachers, classmate, canteen, especially when our headmistries force us to do gardening (Planting what so call Japanese rose). These memory just like what has happen yesterday. But now I am already 33. Leaving CLS on the year 1987. I feel very happy. Why? It is because I do not have to wake up 6.30am in the morning. Do not have to stand in the classroom for not doing homework. I am wrong, I miss you (CLS).

Kelly Lim<>

I am still a student in this special school . All i want to say is "I Miss U so Much Miss Chan" and also a Thank You .

Daphne Teoh<>

The CLS 150th anniversary dinner was on June 29. Did you of you attend? Unfortunately, I didn't. Any pictures? Please share any pictures or stories. Thank you.

Danis William d/o David<>

i would like to say thank you to all the teachers who taught me in 2000and 2002.especially to miss soraya prabha.i love you teacher.i miss you so much.i love cls.cls is nice my school.miss you.

Tho Lye King<>

I am an ex-Xaverian graduated in the year 2001.I come from a family of mostly Xaverians and Colistrians.I would like to express how touched I am that a special website like this is dedicated to cherish the memory of such a fine educational institution.Even now, my aunts are still talking about how much fun they had when they were in CLS and not forgetting the lessons they learned not only academically but also on the lessons of life as well. To tell you the truth I was quite sceptical when Colistrians who were my classmates in Form Six in SXI told me that they did not see themselves as Xaverians but Colistrians.Being a Xaverian I thought that no school in the world had better school spirit than St. Xavier's.Boy was I wrong.After spending much time with them I began to understand the reasons for their spirit.In a way I envy them,not to say that my school lack spirit but CLS is a fine example of a Christian school. This is to all my friends who are Colistrians ( PRITA, POH SIM, WENDY,GAIK LIN,PECK WERN,CHEW LING,ELAINE and many more )and especially to my sister( STEPHANIE ).Despite all the remarks I made about CLS,actually I respect and am kinda envious of your school.That is the main truth and of course needless to say your new buildings and facilities also play a role in it.Hehe!!!Cheerios to CLS!!!

Tan Siew Ching<>

I have very fond memories of the school and especially Sr. Frances de Salles. I finished school in 1968 and live in Bromsgrove, England. I would love to hear from anyone who was in my year. Doea anyone know a classmate called Cheng Tin? who used to live on a road near Gurney Drive? Would love to get in touch with her. Siew Ching (Jacky) [Tan Gim Lay<> I tried to get in touch with Tan Siew Ching but my email could not be delivered. Tan Siew Ching if you read this message please get in touch with me. I have a photograph taken of our class Form 5c in 1968 and I wondered whether you are in it.

Ng Mui Choo<>

I attended CLS from 1962 - 1968. I then moved to CHIJ in Malacca. I am now married and living in California, USA for the last 16 years. I came across this sight while surfing the net. I could only remember my classmates names like Hor Siew Fong and teachers like Teacher Annie, Mrs Teoh. If anyone remember me pls email me. Does CLS has some kind of class pictures and names. I am sure I will remeber those names if my memory is visually jolted.

Patsy Phoay See Khaw (nee May)<>

I attended the CLS from 1948 to 1958 as a day pupil. I have fond memories of many of my teachers, Sister St. Fabian, Miss Lim, Mrs Tan and Miss Yeoh to name a few! Classmates that I recall include, Irene Baptist, Cheong Yoke Lan, Girlee Lee, Monica Tan, Lim Pek Seng, Jessie Teoh, Teresa Chan. In 1960 I travelled to the UK to study nursing at Salisbury Infirmary. I met and married an Englishman who was serving in the RAF. We travelled the world and finally retired to Australia and are now living in Sydney. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who knows me!

Jennifer Howe (nee Godber)<>

No memories to share, but would like to know if this is the convent that I went to as a weekly boarder in 1946/47. In my memories, there was a gravelled area where we played under an avenue of trees that had small, hard, red seeds. Sometimes in the evening, we had singsongs -- by the sea I think. I remember a refectory with big, carved sideboard, eating meals, talking quietly, if the noise level went too high, Mother Superior would ring the bell for silence. I remember bathtime -- baths taken around a raised concrete tank, with dippers. We wore cotton shifts through which we soaped and rinsed ourselves; strictly no talking and certainly no looking at one another. I remember the holy cards that the nuns gave us when we were good. I remember being punished for raising my eyes and looking when the priest in the beautiful chapel raised the monstrance. (I wasn't a catholic, so didn't know that this was verboten!) Many of the photographs look very familiar -- long colonnaded walkways. I remember a broad, sweeping gravel driveway and a beautiful chapel. I was only 6 1/2 at the time. I forgot to say that I attended this school in 1946-47.

Daphne Teoh<>

Hi. I also used to call CLS home. I was there from 1956-1965. My mother used to attend CLS as a child, and so naturally she insisted that my sisters and I get the discipline she got. Those were memorable years. And the older I get, the more fondly I recall those days. I was back in Penang and KL in December 2000, took lots of photos, as I do not know when I would have the opportunity to make another trip, and also before home is changed beyond recognition. However, since it was school holidays, the CLS was closed and I didn't get further than the main gate. But these beautiful pictures brought back memories. I left Penang in 1969, and boy, has the place changed. I dared not drive. I walked, too the bus, or had to be driven. The traffic congestion seems worst that in New York and Los Angeles. Although I am glad that some of the old historic buildings are being restored, I miss some of the old building that are gone. Since I also went to Penang Free School in 1966-1967, I am wondering if this site could include something of PFS. I did go by PFS in Dec. 2000 ... it also looked different. I lived in Burma Road, the Irriwaddy Road. I remember taking the bus to school. Sometimes bicycling ... when it was my turn to get to use the one bike that I had to share with my brother and sisters. On weekend, we would have breakfast in Pulau Tikus. Yum !!! And often picnic along the beach at Tanjong Bungah, Tanjong Tokong, or if more adventurous, at Batu Ferringhi, Telok Pahang. There are several restaurants in LA catering Penang/Malaysian food. But somehow, they taste different. I prefer the street hawkers. What I would like most is if through this I could re-establish contact with old classmates. Some of the names I remember are: Anna Kang, Louise Tan, Tan Phaik Geen, Teoh Phaik Kim, Perveen Kaur, Ooi Ah Mee, Khoo Suan Cheng, Kee Lee Cheng, Agatha Goon, Ng Moon Cheng, Elizabeth Kay, Pannirselvam, Indra Naidu, Marjorie Chow Khoo Suat Gim, Chan Paik Kee. So if anyone out there knows the whereabouts of these ladies, please contact me.

Siew Fong<>

Hi to all Colistrians and people who somehow linked their lives with Convent Light Street (Convent Of Holy Infant Jesus). I started my Primary school life in now defunct Convent Penang Road with Sister Beatrice, as our Headmistress (now a private college - Rima College, I think) at Penang Road from 1974-1979. Then move on to secondary school in CLS from 1980-1984. My mother particularly insisted that my youngest sister and me had to be educated in Convent school. Some of mom's Chinese friends were sceptical about Convent schools and scared her that the nuns would converted me to Christianity. They even encouraged my mom to send my youngest sister and me to Chinese school instead...Though not highly educated herself during her younger days, somehow she had the basic instinct / guts to send both of us to Convent Of Holy Infant Jesus (mothers, always be mothers...:-) Hey, I'm an open minded Buddhist still and married to wonderful and loving European guy. So, a neverending thank yous and thumbs up to all teachers that had tought my friends and me during those years - specially to Mr Krishnamoorthy, who passed away peacefully on my birthday years ago. Thanks to him with his guidance and encouragement in Art that gave me wonderful and creative career today. May he Rest In Peace. To my mother, Lee Sew Guek - Thank you for your instincts and trusts on Convent schools that made me what I am today. Thank you for your strength and unconditioned love and believing in my abilities. Mummy, I love you. Those who wanted to know more about history and pics of CLS, please get a copy of 'THE CONVENT LIGHT STREET-A History of a Community, a School and a Way of life' by Dilys Yap! ANNOUNCEMENT There's going to be an event of opening the doors of tunnel between Convent Light Street (hmmm...could it be underneath CLS stage?) and St. Xavier's on 12 April (Friday) 2002 at 10.00 am (Malaysian time) at St. Xavier's field. They will remain open for you to visit till the end of the day. After that they will remain shut till fifty years later. On 29th June 1952 the doors of the tunnel were shut after the centenary (100 years) celebration which on the following year, the present St. Xavier's was declared open. Hope to meet you all there!

(Hi Siew Fong, I have received a couple of emails saying that the "tunnel tale" is probably a HOAX! kayes)

Patricia Ong<>

wow the school looks so different from what I remembered it as. Not sure what year was my final year there but i think it might have been 1967 same as Martha Hang.

Janet Montgomery nee Vendrell<>

Memories galorie! I used to attend the convent with my sister way back in 1965 - 67. It was wonderful and to see all the photos bring the memories flooding back. My sister Margaret Deacon has given you a lot of information about our time in Penang, where we spent approximately two and a half years and adored every minute of the time we had there, it was an experiance I still treasure. I now live in N. Ireland where I work at the University of Ulster as a comercial artist. II wish to thank you for the wonderful education we received while at the convent, a special thanks to our maths teacher, she was wonderful, I sadly don't remember her name, but do remember her patience and dedication to her students. I still have the broach she gave me as a farewell present when we left the convent to return to England, and often think about her when I wear it or show it to my daughter. As my sister said it was a sad day when we had to leave all the friends we had made at the convent, to return to England. Thank you so much for allowing us to share a little time with you all at the Convent and in your glorious, paridise island of Penang. One day I will return and when I do I will definately be paying a call on the convent. God bless you and keep you safe. Janet Montgomery, Lisboy House, 12 Lisboy Lane, Killykergan, Coleraine, Count Londonderry, BT51 4EE, N. Ireland

Maggie Deacon<>

My sister and I attended the Penang Convent from 1965 to 1967 while our father was serving in the British Airforce in Bukit Glugor, Penang. My sister, Janet Montgomery (nee Vendrell) lives in Northern Ireland with her husband and daughter and I live in North Queensland, Australia with my husband (Mike) of 28 years, two daughters and three grandsons. My name is Margaret Patricia Deacon but it was Margaret Patricia Vendrell while I attended the Convent. Both my sister and I have many fond memories of our time at the Convent and also sad ones like the young 17 year old boarder who drowned on a beach next to the Penang Swimming Club on a day's outing for the boarders from the Convent. My heart still aches for her family for their tragic loss all those years ago. It was after that tragedy that my sister and I started teaching life saving methods to the other students of the Convent. It was a sad day having to say goodbye to all the friends we made at the Convent when our fa! mily had to return to England. I'm 49 years old now but the memories of my time at Penang Convent are still as fresh as ever. I hope students attending the Convent today will be able to look back many years later with happy memories that they too will treasure. God be with you all, Maggie Deacon, Townsville, Australia. 1/2/2002

Martha Hang<>

memories of miss mehta, our wonderful english teacher who we still remember when we meet, the class of 1967 !!

Derek Emerson-Elliot<>

This is a request for information. Many, man years ago (from about 1932 to about 1935)my mother, Nona Brayer-Robers, went to a convent school in Penang called the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus. I think it was in Light Street. I have been searching for this convent unsuccessfully, but wonder if it may have changed its name to Convent Light Street? Does anyone know the history of 'Convent Light Street'? I would love to hear anything anyone knows about the CHIJ (as it became known)particularly if it did become CLS. Regards, Derek Thank you for your quick response, and the very interesting information that the CHIJ and CLS are one and the same. I had thought that the CHIJ had crumbled away. It is nice to see that it is obviously still flourishing! I will take your advice and contact Penang Talks. I have some very happy memories of Penang, having visited as a small child way back in 1948. My brother, sister and I were attending a school called 'Tanglin' in Cameron Highlands at the time. My mother lived on Penang throughout her childhood, and often talked about the CHIJ. Happy New Year! Derek

Antoinette Carrier<>

CLS has been like a second home to me as my mother and aunts taught there And my grandmother was a boarder in her time. We left Penang in 1967 and now most of the Carrier/Reutens extended family live in Perth, Western Australia. I'd love to hear from the class of '67. Some live in Perth - I know of Martha Hang, Guat Huah, Ai Peng, Pat Ong. I wonder if anyone else is here.

Elizabeth Goh<>

Convent Light Street was like my home. I spent 12 year there from 1971 to 1983. The school was the best place in my life. These were the happy memories that I experienced. I would like to thank all the teachers who have helped me during these years. Many thanks also to all of you who have made my childhood a wonderful one. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime. I look forward to be in touch again with all my wonderful friends.

Lisa Lim<>

It is amazing and indeed very nostalgic reading all the memories which are posted on this web site. I spent 11 years in CLS, in this amazing community who shaped me into the person I am today.. I owe my successes to all teachers, and friends from CLS and of course my 3 sisters, Lily, Lina and Jenny. Till this day I remember vividly all the invaluable advice and support I received during my school days..all those kind words and gestures stay close to my heart forever. Many thanks to all of you who have made my childhood such a wonderful one. I just graduated from Cambridge University and am working in KL after spending some time in London and Singapore. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime. I look forward to be in touch again with all my wonderful friends.

Christopher Jacob Lim Han Lee<>

Dear Former students of Convent Light Street Society, I was a student of the kindergarten of the Town Convent, Penang (I think from 1975-77)and my teacher was Miss Jane Elias. My sister too was a student in another class and her teacher was Mrs. Yeoh. My sweetest memories is,"One day when the teacher was very angry and upset with me due to something, I was send to the headmistress room supposedly for counselling. What happened there between me and Sr. Ernest in her office that day, would forever be in my memory. I remembered she asking me very tenderly what had happened and as I was crying away my eyes, she gave me a warm maternal hug, combed my hair and later treated me like a special king of the day by giving me some special pastry and a nice drink while drying out my tears". There are many more sweet memories of my visits and student life in the Convent. I remember Srs. Virginie, Winifred, Luke, Frances De Sales, Victoria and many more. Today, I have many friends among the I.J. Sisters in Malaysia and Singapore still.

Lt Goh Keng Loon RMAF<>

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a Royal Malaysian Air Force officer and now in training in Alor Setar air base as a student pilot. I love WWII very much until i found some submarine sunk in Penang including British, Dutch, Japanese ,USA,even German submarine. Yoour sisters done a great job to keep the names of the US POW and i hope that your school will keep the memorial of the USS Gernadier POWs historical names intact and don't destroy it.It mean a lot to them for those who fight for freedom . Peace and God Bless You . Have a nice day : )Be free to write to me . Thanks .

SL Yeoh<>

I graduated from CLS in 1998 and I do (until today) cherish the great moments I went through throughout my 11 years in CLS. When I worked temporarily in a stock broking company not long ago, I accidentally met my F1 maths teacher(Mrs Cheah). The short glimpse of her left a very nice and cosy feelings inside if I were back in CLS (though Mrs Cheah can hardly recognised me anymore). Sometimes, when I pass through CLS, I will set my vision on the school ( though I was driving )even for a second. I would like to thank everyone in CLS for their dedication in moulding me into what I am today. My utmost thanks to Ms Chan ( for her wise advices ), Pn TL Au, Pn Cheok, Pn Mahani,etc. To my former classmates in 5P1 (1998), keep in touch always and all the best to u all!!!! Cheers!!

Ooi Ee Ling<>

yea....i'm still a student of this school....i'm in form 1 now(2001)..i really love this school..thanks to my form teacher Pn.Au Maureen.She teaches us from wrong to right..Although many pupils hate you,pn au but we like u when u make us laugh n sharing jokes....this is a nice school...

Southa Faiza Wahab<>

hi....i can't believe there's finally a portal for us all ex-students to meet up!i belong to the class of 92'.anybody else there?!!i'm doing medicine and am trying to get into a residency programme in america.2 of my sisters studied in cls too.....i'm sure they'll be thrilled to know about this would be nice to hear from long lost friends! love, faiza


Hi! 5 Science(1998).. The last time we met was 1 May 2001. Until now I still can't forget our 'talk' for that night. Where are you all now? Puan Woo - I will never forget my maths esp. the subject 'koordinat' because of your 'fly chalk'. Just let you know, from that day until now, I never fall asleep in class! To all my friends, please contact me if you all can. I miss all of you.


Well, im back and thanks to Jenny and Gilian for at least remembering me. Just to let u guys know i happen to met up with few of our x-CLS gals year95, and everyone seems to be having a real massive plans in their life man. Gosh. i can't imagine how time flies. Some even got married with kids, some are on their way there, some are busy making $$$, some are having a great & belastic time ahead. Wow, nice and pleased to hear that evryone is really up to something. As for myself,i think most of u guyz who know me, well im always up to something. Im totally changed, i have a very long hair, a reddish brown complection, and wiser. Im currently working as a Training&Development Coordinator in one of Malaysia's premier Club and i conduct motivational, teambuilding, people management trainings for both internal and external working adults. Sometimes, i do feel a little discouraged whennever i have to attend any conferences, ending up with much wiser, older and experienced personnels! in this line. (Im now 22++) so u can imagine. Besides this job, i also have indulged myself seriously into Arts and Music. Currently, i write poems, song lyrics, working with prominent Artises in Malaysia promoting art within the youths and speaking about how Music and Art can make a lot of difference in our lives. I do this specially at Welfare homes, religious centers and other associations. Fun ,lotsa Fun. Childrens, prisoners, AIDS&cancer victims are my main target people when it comes to writing. Coz' i do spend most of my free time around them. And i really want to thank from the bottom of my Heart to all my teachers especially Pn.Gurjeet (Eng Lit) and Pn.Woo. for being there motivating me and Pn.Gurjeet thank you for placing miracles in my life. Im now known for what i write and i never fail to think how much u have inspire me till today. Thank you all and i wish this piece of message goes to u both. To all my friends, theres a lot of stuff we see,but we pretend to be blind. I would really appeal to u all to take some of your time helping the needy. Theres a lot of sad cases and they realy need HELP. THANK U GUYZ N AGAIN i can be contacted at 016. 2235615 / 03.26927166 ext36 or by via email: or

Lim Lean Tay<>

whoever visits cls next say a big "hello" to Sr. Francis Xavier if she is still well & hearty. I missed her on my last visit to Penang. If there are any other graduates from cls circa 1973. i was there since primary school.some of my classmates were yeoh chea hoong,lim ei choo,lim poi lan etc. i currently live in adelaide, south australia & would dearly love to hear from any old scholars who attended cls around the same era.

Eileen Foley<>

Just an update that my email address has changed. I agree with Tan Gim Lay that it would be great to have an SXI website as well.

Lee Thomas (nee Tan Gim Lay)<>

It is by chance I got onto this site. My son had an sssignment to do and he picked on Penang. He went and did some research on the internet and came up with penangturfclub's site and told me about it, so here I am. I was at CLS for 5 years and left in 1968 and like Eileen Foley I went to St Xaviers for a couple of years. I remembered being taught by a no nonsense Che Gu for our malay language class and if my memory serves me well by Mrs Carrier for Geography and Mrs Foley was once my form mistress. Gee how time flies and our memory fades. It is unfortunate that CLS did not have any magazine where we can look back to help jog our memory, but fortunately while I was at St Xaviers I have got the Star and the Xavierian which I still have. It will be nice if a site can be set up for St Xaviers like the one you have on CLS. I believe alot of boys and girls have passed through St Xaviers gates and a site will bring back nostalgia of their Alma Mater. I am now living in New Zealand and have been for the last 16 years.

Eileen Foley<>

My sisters and I were students at CLS for several years, and my mother worked there too. I graduated in 1968, then went across the street to St. Xavier's. I moved to the USA in 1975 and now live in the San Francisco Bay area. This virtual tour of the school, which looks just same as I remember it over 30 years ago, is quite nostalgic. Thanks very much for the effort in putting this collection of photos together. They trigger many wonderful memories of my hometown, school, and friends.

June Cullin<>

Hi my name is June Cullin and i was a cls girl class of 1967. I now live is Melbourne with my husband Ooi Kok Hoey - who was a St Xavier's boy and my 3 children. My mother Lottie Cullin and Aunts Mrs. Foley and Mrs. Carrier used to teach at the CLS and Convent Pulau Tikus. I remember Rita Chye, Ann Loh, Maryann Barnabas and Cathy Foley. If any of you were in Mrs. Tan Ah Fee's class please jog my memory.

Ma Lee<>

Hi! I am from 1965 - yes, the year bell-bottoms and flower power were still very much in. Penny was with her immaculate bee-hive hair-do, Jacqueline with her Omega hairstyle, Manjit with her Manchu queue and the ever floating goddess, May Har. The folk-dancing in the old hall... What memories. But of course the most memorable part of school were the bloomers we wore in Primary School. It looked so utterly cumbersome but still we enjoyed wearing it for some reason. We must have looked a sight!

Beh Kim Heng<>

I do study in Penang, in Han chiang high school, Malee is my sister. I am now in Bangkok for more than twenty years. I missed Penang very much.

Vincci Lee Hoong Ming<>

Nine years is certainly not a short period..And a break away from a bond nurtured for 9 years is excruciatingly painful ! My mind goes back to the first day in school &., it was my Primary Three then. My little hand held onto my mother s and when it was gently drawn away, my school life in this beautiful Institution began. Little did I know that over the years, this school would become inseparable part of me &Little did I know how tenderly Convent Light Street would mould me into who I have become... Today, as I retrospect, my eyes become moist, thinking of all the times this school had been my greatest source of comfort, love , affection and encouragement. I am indebted to this school for realizing my potentials and nurturing till they blossomed. The secure shelter of my Alma-Mater & &CLS &. This was due to the patience I encountered in the attitude of all my teachers at CLS. Yes, patience certainly describes all my teachers best. All thanks to the teachers & & This is indeed the place I met all my wonderful and amazing friends &.especially my little SAP GANG  and all my pals from 5 Science ( 1996). Thanks for everything &, for being my strength, for making me laugh, giving heartfelt advices &you people are indeed my  Huggy-Bears !! ( The secrets shared at Ping Pong Table , the excitement of canteen days and the laughter which rang out from classrooms ( 2nd floor, beside Chemistry Lab) loud and clear, will always remain colorfully and vividly inside my mind ~! Special Thanks to the Prefect Board of 1996 ! Receiving knowledge at CLS was the deepest experience of the truth that I can never compare to anything else in this world ! My message to all fellow COLISTRIAN there & make the most of your schooling years. It is a gift which will never return, a dream which only lived only once &.it is a collection of memories to be treasured !! All the best

Siew Yee Teoh<>

Hello to all graduation class of 1987!! I came about this website by chance while looking for a laksa recipe. This website definitely brings back great wonderful fun memories of all those years I spent at CLS--imagine from kindergarden till form 5!! Well, wherever you girls may be and if you do come across this, please email and get in touch. Oh! many thanks to all the teachers who taught me and those who know me as the fastest runner in CLS history!!

Susan Khoo<>

i am from the class of '78 i left after form 5 at the tender age of 17 i did 2 years pre-u at hang chiang high school i didn't have enough passes so repeat 1 more year at hchs i failed the repeat i did not do great academically because at cls i fell in love for the first time to one of our counterparts across the playing field who was also at a tender age and we both did not know better i did a 14 month computer course at institut perkim goon i passed with flying colors distinction in course work assessment my thesis was used as one of the model study in my class my lecturer was bucksey - i forget his first name he was married to a malay lady his daughter was beautiful 5 years old i took english as an extra credit at ipg i passed with distinction i was lucky i was assigned the best english teacher ever mr chellapah was and still remains the best and most progressive and modern english teacher i ever knew not modern in his attire but in his thinking his teaching method was extremely effective i still use his forward thinking style in my attitude - not necessarily right now ie! anyway, i loved cls dearly it is a great institution i miss it very much but i did not thoroughly know to appreciate the school while a student there due to my tender age for the new students, i wish the teachers there now are as forward thinking and set good leadership in order that no one misses the greatness of their year at cls my bahasa teacher - i forget her name now - ms. n (starts with a n something) or ms. m - she is the best bahasa teacher i ever had the opportunity to have - she really cares that her students all enjoy the language and understand the principals and the beauty in the peribahasa and simpulan bahasa - i still quote them today i am very successful now with a great job and big salary my boss is the number one in the company my name is susan khoo i am from the class of 78

Josephine Lee<>

CLS is the best. I was a prefect since Form 2 to Form 5 (Year 1995). I still remember some of my teachers, such as Mr.Ang (BM Teacher and also form teacher in Form 4 Science),Mr.Ng (Our "cheeky" Maths teacher), Mrs.Cheah (My BEST Maths teacher in Form 3) and Miss Chan (My headmistress). I think I'm getting old as I can't really remember most of my teachers name. I'm sorry. I still remember there was a Malay History teacher in Form 4. She was so cute and good. She knows that most of us are lazy, so sometimes she will give us a quiz in a class. That sounds easy but all of us will have to stand up and whoever can answer the question, they will be able to sit down. Most of us were still standing up and there u go...she will "smack" our shoulder softly and we kept on laughing because we don't know how to answer the questions. It was great. I can still remember the best day in was during the "Teacher's day". I still remember we were playing "Captain ball" vs the teacher! s.! It seems that our group were mostly prefects. So, we sort of said it should be called "Prefects vs. Teachers". Hee hee. Most of us were netball school team. So, we won the game. Guess what is the prize ? A bottle of mineral water but for us we won something even bigger. We had a chance to play with our teachers together in a team. That's what I call the "bigger" prize. There are so many sweet and good memories while I was in CLS. If I would have to write it all, I don't think it would be enough to fit in a page. Anyway, thank you for letting me to share some of my memories.

Bill Bliss<>

My father was on the Grenadier from her beginning. He was on every patrol of that submarine but the last one. He was left in Perth for surgery on his arm and was to go back on the Grenadier when she returned. As you know, she never returned. If it had not been for the surgery, his name would be on the wall in your school. My father was good friends with the engenier Leslie, and The cook, Charley Westerfield. He knew the crew, but those were his best friends. When the Grenadier did not return, he served on the Grayling and the Gar, but it always bothered him that he was not with his shipmates on the last patrol of the Grenadier.

Nurul Hamama <>

hello everyone Miss the class of 96 (5 Arts 3)Puan Sumathi. Hope you still have the spirits of colistrians with you.

Gerald A. Landrum<>

My father, James D. Landrum was a member of the USS Grenadier that was sunk in WW2. He was held prisoner at the convent light street by the Japanese. I would like to get pictures of the school and where the prisoners scratched their names in the wall. Any information I could get would be appreciated. Do you have a mailing address? Gerald Landrum

Ong Jin Ru<>

Gosh, what a rush of nostalgia. I was at the CLS kindergarten and primary school (1978 - 1983) and would like to hear from anyone who might remember me. Still as eccentric as before, though not quite as tongue-tied! CLS often still features in my dreams (nightmares?!) I have many fond memories of the place and its people, particularly Mrs Ang and Mrs Toh (the perenially jolly art teacher). I'm living and working in London now as a computer geek and often wonder how much Penang has changed. Would love to revisit CLS during my next holiday home.

Cheah Ruenn Ling<>

Hi,5P1(1995). I miss you all,how things going on with you all resently? I hope that everyone of us are fine, healthy and happy.I'm studying at UPM ( final semester). I'll graduate next year July and I'll going back to Penang to look for a job. Hope to see you all next year. All the best to you all. Sayorana! I also want to say Hello to all the teachers in CLS and our headmistress, Miss Chan.

Jenny Lim<>

Hi everyone, Hi Gillian, Hello Hunnee, Sharmilee, Penny.....remember me? Lisa's sister? I left CLS in 1995. What a great school! Those best pals May Leng, Swit Lai, Lay Choo, Li Ling...endless endless....... Mr Chan, my Physics teacher, Mr Ng, who taught me Maths...Ms Leong, Add Maths, Pn Chee and others, thank you so much. Would love to hear from anyone! Cheers! Jenny


Hello, there! I'm an ex-student of Convent Light Street. I left school in 1996. It has been four years since I left school but the sweet memories still remained fresh in my mind All I want to say is CLS is simply the best. It's the best of all. No words can describe my wonderful days in CLS. I want to take this opportunity to thank my teachers and friends for making my dream came true, that is getting good result in SPM. Particularly, I want to thank my Maths teacher, Pn.Woo Kit Li. She is my inspiration to score better grade in Maths. So, anyone who happens to read my response and still remembers me, do reply to me.

Koid Hup Cheng<>

Hi, I'm from the graduating Class of 1975. I'd love to hear from old schoolmates, classmates, teachers and also from sister guides of 11th Penang Coy. Do email me.


This school is simply the best !! Nowhere to be found anywhere else in the entire planet earth..My best memories, moments,friends,teachers,knowledge & the person I am today was built there.. Never will it be forgotten...ever..Can't describe enough to justify the colistrian spirit we had for it! I'm proud to be a part of it once upon a time. Once a colistrian, always a COLISTRIAN..

Gillian Chong<>

Sharmilee, hi! You were in my year! I remember you, but you may not remember me - I left early. I'm still in touch with Phaik Leng and Gayathri and Jay Mee and all the other great people in our year. Audrey!!!! Did you get my email? I've written to you but not heard from you. Penny Sehu - are you Emily's sister? If you are, where is she, please? She hasn't emailed in a while..... Oh ya, I was supposed to be in the graduating class onf 1995, but i defected early (*grin*)

Robert York<>

My name is Robert York, I am a retired CPO of the U.S.Navy. On April 22,1943 The submarine I was on U.S.S. Grenadier SS210 was sunk by an airplane off the coast of Sumatra. We all survived and were taken POW and taken to Penang and the convent Light Street held in cognito for about 3 or so months while being interragated by the Japs. I am in contact via emial with Miss Dilys Yap at present. Robert York

Sharmilee @ Sha<>

Well, i'm happy to see something so far. But i guess we have to try updating this web site of ours. The news are pretty old. Well, i spent my life at CLS for 11 odd years. I have gone through all, bitter, sewwt you name it i'v gone through it. It's great and proud to say that i actually belong to that school. I left CLS in 1995. The memories still remained fresh and sweet. Well, to all those who love to meet up with your x CLS, but residing in KL at the moment please do try to keep in touch with me or with anyone, maybe we can organize a get together some day. Meeting up with all x school pals and teachers. To all those who are reading this now. I can be contacted at 03.2927166 ext.36 / hp 016.2235615 or by via email. All the best and hope to hear from some of you gals soon. sha

Natalie D'Cruz<>

Hi You know, I was again checking out the CLS site and have a small suggestion. Although many girls go through the school every year, I wonder if they know the history of the school. It certainly has quite a history. Perhaps a small historical passage on the site would help not only past, present and future students, i'm sure it will interest the happy surfer who might accidently come across it. Anyway, just a suggestion. Thanks for putting my comments on the page. I've already had an inquiry. Regards Natalie D'Cruz

Tina Choong<>

i was only at cls(primary) for 3 years before i was transfered to PJ.i have many fond memories of my time there.if any one of you out there remembers me,do make contact as i can't remember any of my classmates apart from these few names......helena khoo su ann,yasmin,doreen,nina,from mrs yeoh's class in standard 3c(i think).hope to hear from you all soon.

Natalie D'Cruz nee Cornelius<>

I spent 8 years at CLS before going to Sydney, Australia. I left in 1986 but i've never forgotten the wonderful time I spent growing up there. I now reside in Perth, Western Australia. I remember the beautiful old buildings and immaculate gardens and love to boast to my friends about how majestic it was. I'd like to get in touch with anyone from my year that can remember me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Chee Moon Meng<>

If you graduated from CLS in 1990, please email me. Penny and I are trying to set up a page in the web where we could all stay in touch with each other

Penny Sehu<>

I've spent 11 years at CLS and all I can say is has been the BEST. I've learnt so much from my early school years that have groomed me to be a useful, responsible, stable adult. I've also made lots of friends in CLS and still do keep in touch with some. However, I would love to get in touch with all my other classmates (Class of 1990) whom I've lost contact with. Please contact me if you see this message.

Manjit Kaur Rostom<>

Hi everyone. I am an old girl of the school from 1956 to 1965. I now live in the UK but each time I come to Penang, I always visit the school because I have such good and fond memories of this special place. I came across this page purely by chance and it is so hard to describe the emotions it evoked. I showed it to my secretaries and they think it is a beautiful school and are quite envious. long may it continue to groom young women who will onw day play an important role in this world. Happy studying to all present students and to all the teachers keep up the excellent standards.

Jennifer JERN Lih-Fang <>

The 11 years that I have spent at CLS, my alma-mater, has been among the Best-Times-of-my-Life. I came to realize that the little things that the school has taught me are infact part and parcel of A BIG PLAN to groom us from little girls to responsible and useful adults. It provided us with the foundation to go on with life and to become a reasonably good, stable and well-balanced human-beings. I met wonder
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