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Convent Light Street


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S.C. Yeap<>

I was from 5 Science (1998). I lost contact with all since grad and really miss our time together. Welcome to drop me a mail. Hopefully can arrange another reunion by our class monitor soon. By the way, where is our class monitor??


I'm a ex-pupil of CLS, standard one in 1969 to form 5 sastera II in 1979.Till today i still remember every line from "Midsummer Night's Dream" because of Mrs Amrik who made it so interesting. My primary school teachers were Mrs. Kee, Mrs.Yeoh, Mrs Khoo, Pn.Fatima, Mrs Ng my favourite, Mrs Chan and Sister Agnes who taught catechism lessons. My secondary teachers were Pn.Zainab whose first baby we visited.Then there was En. Rahim who has, En. Naina our BM sir, Mrs Yuen and also the others.I try to recall as many teachers as i can to say 'thank you' to them and to the school that is C for 'cantik' L for'lovely' and S for 'sooi', for its is really a beautiful school.I have been teaching for the past 20 years.I'm looking for my classmates Chooi Tham Peng who used to live in Carnavorn Street, Penang, Khoo Suan See who went to Singapore to do nursing, Roseanne Newman, Meenachi, Slim Akthar, Norlela, and also a form 2 friend Liew Lai Heng who one day became ill in class and never came back to school again.I hope i might be able to meet them again. And to whoever that has put up this website thank u, good job.

Ooi Huei Feng (Samantha)<>

Wow...time flies and i just can't imagine bout' that. Still can recall all the memories during my schooling time in CLS (1990 - 1995). Till todate I can still recall some of my teachers name who had taught me before during my schooling time of 5 yrs. Hello fellow classmates of 5 Arts 2 (yr 95') whre r u guys? Mind drop me an email...I do still keep in touch with some of our classmates of Arts 2 & schoolmates of yr 95'. I hope you guys still remember/recognise me when we meet up one of these days ya.. I can still recall the quotion statement quoted that once "A colistrian will always be a colistrian". Kudos to all students & teachers of CLS...I'm proud and glad tht I've studied in CLS before..Take care and keep in touch..

Sonia Binwani<>

I'm from CLS 1983 class, used to stay in Bishop street penang. I'm now in Malacca working as an accountant & a mother of 3 kids. Stumbled onto this website during CNY . time really flies .It's been a long time since I left CLS in 1983. The fond memories are as vivid as ever. I MISSED CLS & my days in it even more as I grow older. I wonder how my wonderful friends from F1-F5 are doing : Ng Mei Fong; Rita Ali & Rubina ALi , Rita Shah; Sharifah Norizan ( i met you a couple of times) ; Stella Chan ( ms brainy ) ; Audrey Cheong ; Agnes Lim (our super sports girl) and many more whom I will remember always . Take care colistrians! God bless all of u! Pls contact me & we should have a re-union to catch up on what's been happening to whom...etc.

Loh Ah Moy<>

looking for the class of 1970 (leave school in 1970). there will be a gathering on 13 april. email me i will keep u inform of the venue. anybody with contacts of anyone let me know. Laju, Jit Mee, Teresa Chee are coming from overseas and would like to meet up with old classmates.


hello friends, i am a former classmate of convent light street class of 1967. so sorry i missed the grand reunion but appreciative of the wonderful dvd re the reunion 40 years later. am now residing in sydney and commute regularly to malaysia twice a year to see family. for those who know me please contact via email. we just met at vicky teoh's home in singapore at this moment for 3 days to share memory lane.Greetings to everyone from Khim Choo, Vicky, Yuen Ling, Choy Yong, Siew Nai and Hai Choo. cheers janchew alias saw choo

yong siew kian<>

HI ,Anyone out ther who graduated in 1970 , please contact me. Remember Vickie Beh, Saras Rajaratnam, Sewo lee chen Tan Siew Li,Yew Li li heah beng gek, Laju Binwani Lim Jit mee YinFong etc in class 1970 form 5. We love to hear from all of you out there. I am in UK since 1972 and have never left ,wonder why >|?? To all you success. Siew

Teoh Chai Chyn (Carence)<>

Wah~ Good Shot! Is nice to recall back the environment & study life there. If not mistaken, i graduated in 1998. Hope to keep in touch with my old friends! Thank you my teacher, my friends & my sencondary school - Convent Light Street !! Smile ~All The BEST~ Smile

MagdelineWong (neeTan)<>

Hello I was wondering if any of my classmates are still around. I attended CLS from 1954 to 1963 and then did Lower and Upper six at St Xaviers in 1964 and 1965. M y maiden name was Tan Guat Looi. I am married and now live in Brisbane, Australia and have been for the past 34 years. Recently my youngter sister who also attended CLS (from 1959 to 1968) told me about this website and I thought I'd send out a line. If anyone out there remembers me I'd love to hear from you.

sue ngein<>

Just attended my friend's wedding yesterday at our school's little chapel-and it's like going down memory lane again;Carrie-wishing u a lifetime of happiness:) CLS did indeed bring back many warm memories and i was just overwhelmed when i walked past those long corridors and halls that was all so familiar-it was like going back to old times with all the carefree laughter of young convent girls ringing in the air;it was indeed a nostalgic sunday afternoon stroll at this school that we love so much. so to all my beloved friends and teachers at CLS-wishing u all a happy fulfilling life blessed with love and thank you for all the fond memories, great friendship and knowledge gained;i love u guys very much and will forever share this special bond with u all sue ngein (a 1997 Collistrians graduate)

siewlee ngiam<>

Hello to my classmates and schoolmates who studied with me considering ourselves class of 93.I was in (5Sas1 )Looking back at the pictures brought back fond memories of my school days.Would like to keep in touch with old friends, please do write. Had fond memories.I can clearly remember all the good & bad memories that i had in the school. Really hope to meet with all my friends again. Am currently working in U.S on board cruise ship and hope to know that there are CLS friends in the States as well. If yes, pls do drop me an email. Best regards, siew lee

Siao Lee<>

CLS remains dear in my heart. It was the place that brought lotsa wonderful memories that I will never forget. I thank all the dedicated teachers who groomed and nurtured us, trained and corrected us, not just with their words but by their deeds! And to all my friends of year 1995, thanks for your heartprints in my life. I wish to keep in touch with all of you. Drop me a note at, ya?? God bless!

Norazlina Abdul Khalim<>

Hie. Thank God finally i found the website of my own proud school - CLS. I've been studying there since kindergarten till i succeeded my SPM in year 1991. Anyone whose around the corner, please do email me. Really really hope to get in touch back to all the ex-classmates and ex-schoolmates during that period. Take care. Cheers !

Conor Sheehan<>

Yes,I have,since our visit to Penang last month (feb 07).My wife and I sincerely thank Sr. Stan for her help in showing us Sr. Francis de Sales grave and her emotional words.Our daughter Julie is named after her and our visit was a great lasting memory for us. As you may know Sr. Francis was born in Ireland to a farming family, Julia Sheehan was her name.Our best memory of her was her arrival for our wedding in 1979 with a bouquet of orchids from Penang. Any memories you have please share them with us! Conor and Annette Sheeehan.

Irene Au ( Wong Choy Yoke)<>

My maiden is Wong Choy Yoke. I think I graduated from CLS in 1968? Went to England to do my Nursing 1969 - 1974. Then I left England and went to British Columbia (BC) Canada in 1974 till present. BC has been my home over 33 years. I just love the country. I am married with 3 children all grown up and is still working and travelling all over the world. The last time I visited Penang must have been in 1998? And the last time I was in Asia was 2001, cruising the South East Asia Cruise visiting Beijing, Okinawa, Shanghai, Nagasaki, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. I just came back from the Baltic countries 2 weeks ago. Basically, we go on a land tour and a cruise every year.

But I love to come back to Penang for a REUNION next year if you can let me know when is the party. I am very busy like everyone else when I am off work. I run long runs twice a week for about one and half hour each time and hike up a mountain once a week or every second week . I do alot of charity work ie, I run for Cancer Foundation, Hospitals etc. My friends and family are very supportive of my runs and they give generously to my pledges. I love gardening and ballroom dancing. So I hope that this reunion has music for dancing!

I can remember some of my friends who have not written me for many years and I have moved 3 years ago. My friends are Jacqueline Jeremiah, Chow Chin Fong, Tan Bee Lee, Tan Phek Lien, Fatimah, Ng Swee Chee, Kathleen Lee etc. If they can e-mail me it would be wonderful as I think about them now and then. I do miss Penang and I want to come back again for a visit soon as I am getting closing to retirement and I will be travelling again with my husband and a group of friends to other countries soon.

My home address is - 18 GREENLEAF DRIVE,

So dear friends, please give me some time and talk to me. I am dying to hear from all of you. I do miss you. Take care. Irene

Hazel Granville(Pestana)<>

Wow what memories these pics and stories have conjured in my mind.I had lunch with Maureen, Joo Guat and Siew Lee on Saturday.We were discussing the reunion of the class of 69. Sadly I did not graduate from CLS as the Pestana family emigrated to Perth. I can still remember the long line of Form 3 girls in their uniforms who came to farewell Mrs Carrier and Mrs Pestana.I held on to the streamer for ages.Pei Yoke I remember you as well as so many others like Pushpa Perimal, Laju Binwani,Fok Yee Kuan, Yeoh Saw Cheng, Lim Jit Mee(Jimmy) and more. Would love to hear from any of you.

Nancy David<>

Hello to my classmates and schoolmates who studied with me considering ourselves class of 67.It was Ivy Paul De Souza who gave me this website and as im already retired from Malaysia Airlines i sure have alot of time to scroll and read all those wonderful emails. I do remember some of you but I do wish to catch up with all of you who will be in the coming CLASS Of 67 gathering on the 26 May 2007.To those who do remember me friends like Katherine Foley, Olivia Lyons, Jacqueline Jeremiah ,and those who know me please do contact me at the email given. Best Regards

Hun Nee<>

Stumbled onto this website again since I last put in my entry 8 years ago.. Time really flies! It's been 14 long years since I left CLS in 1993. Still the fond memories are as vivid as ever. I MISSED CLS & my days in it even more as I grow older... Unbelievable! Talk about loyalty for one's school. Smile Thanks to all my wonderful friends who have given me this piece of precious memory : Tsui Ting, Nancy, Soo Phing, Siew Lian, Lisa, Ling Ling, Yashota, Siew Hien, Siew Peng, Dalina, Sarina, Hui Fun, Lee Lee, Yee Quin, Bee Bee, Wai Yee, Sherry, Dhana, Jazimah, Ai Lean, Mei Fern, Azlina, Agnes, Lai Kuan, Lai Yin, Yew Weui, Phaik Kee, Josephine, Lai Yeow, Carolyn, Chan Nee and many more whom I will cherish for the rest of my life. I've changed my email address from the previous entry. Pls add me into your friendster if you have one too... Take care colistrians! God bless all of u!


Wow nice to go through the pictures. I always believe CLS is one of the most beautiful school. I graduated in 1989/1990 (can't recall). My friends were and are Maswanbi, Irene, Christina, Anne Clara, Zaitoon, Thanaletchumy, Chua Lilian, Saburu, Barakath, Padmini, Saraswathi, Selvi, Regina, Shantini, Lata, Abda, Evelyn, Gooi Ming Ming, Siew Moi, to name some. Anyone have Zaitoon's and Lilian's contact let me know. And those who know me and would like to keep in touch, please do. I miss my CLS days as much as University life

Karen Gan<>

Would love to get in touch with former classmates from class of '83. Am now living in KL and seeing these photos brings back very fond memories. It's amazing how everything remains so familiar after all these years.


Great memory of mine at CLS from my kindergardent to SPM are too valueable to be forgoten.Especially Form 5 of 1999.Hello 5sc'99! remember me the only tudung girl in our class..miss u guys! LOVE CLS

Chiew Ling<>

Hmm... When think back i already study in this school for 11 years and my final year which is 2000... Look like i already left this school for 7 years but my spirit, my feeling and my love to this school will never change forever... I have learn a lot of things in CLS not only my education, career but my life, i think all schoolmate also wont forget the motto of CLS which is " Be Aware, Care And Share "... CLS always teach us, caring to each other and always sharing to each other. Just a little care just a little share but it will change a lot of things... I believe everyone who been study in this school, they wont regret it, because all the friends and teachers was so nice to each other and always giving us a very sweet moment been together and stay with... CLS always give us a new hope and new life no matter what you have did, this is the CLS's spirit.... I Miss You CLS and i Love you forever....


Hello all class of 1987, my god did the years fly. When I recently went back to Penang for holidays I made it a point to visit my old school. My I was suprised to see the tribute to it, now it is a well known historic place. I am proud to say that me, my sister's, cousins and aunt's are from C.L.S. Found memories of C.L.S. now I have made a promise to myself whenever I go back to Penang for holidays from my 2nd home Australia C.L.S. is a must in my diary. My husband was very found of the layout of the school.

Quah Khim Choo<>

This is certainly going down memory lane in a mega whizz! After being away for 3 decades, it's great to come across names and memories of former classmates. The 40th reunion of Class of'67 on 26th May 2007 at CLS will certainly add to yet more memories and renewing of forgotten friendships. So do make an effort, Class of '67 and see you there. I am extending my holiday in Penang until after the reunion. I would love to meet up with those classmates who are around during this time. Or contact me anyway wherever I may be. My base these days is split between the UK and Penang. Fond memories to all.

Ivy Paul de Souza<>

Calling all former classmates of '67. 40th Reunion celebration on 26 May 2007. Spouses are also invited, if they can stand the chatter of the women! Contact me at 016 4760747 or Siom Swee Kam at 012 6935238

Mi Lin<>

I can't believe I've taken so long to discover this site! I'm sure the others will be thrilled when I tell them about this site. I visited CLS end of last year after leaving it for so many years (graduated in 1992). It gave me a feeling of nostalgia! Though lots of things have changed, the Colistrian culture remains, eg. Colistrians still sit in circles in the outdoors instead of benches in the canteen at recess time. Hope to be in touch with those I've lost contact.


Hi there, Anyone from class of 1967? Would love to get in touch with you. Pls leave your e-mail address. Thanks. Rgds

Alexandra Chan<>

Oh my god...How time flies...I left CLS many years ago and now thinking back then. This school gave me memories which I'll always cherish. Although, there are bad moments but there're also sweet moments too especially having my best friends around me always. And the speciality about this school is that student of all races come together as one and we all carry the motto of 'Be Aware,care & share' and we'll always be a colistrian forever. I love you CLS, and will always remember those dedicated teachers and of course not forgetting frens of mine too. My friends will always be in my heart just like my love for CLS because they share everything with me and this is the BEST school on EARTH. I don't really get to visit my dearest school but hopefully one find day I'll be able to visit my hometown again...Pearl of the ORIENT! FOOODDDDDSSS! Wow...It's great! Wishing all colistrians best of LUCK in their careers and everything that they do... I LOVE YOU CONVENT LIGHT STREET!


Yo!!! well, i'm going to graduate from cls THIS yr (2007) and i'm going sit for my spm (major yr)!!!!! i'm currently the head prefect of this school. Well, i'm in charge for this year's F5 farewell (food,beverage n programme). So, any suggestions where to have our farewell? any hotel? p.s: if u have any idea, mind to email to my add?

Siti Muharram<>

I just can't believe it, I happen to come across this site when i'm busy browsing through the net. All the old memorise nourished back when I saw the school pic. It has been 11 years since I finished my schooling in 1996 (class 5P1). The memorise are well preserved in my mind. Wonder how are my friends now. Anyone who knows me, kindly keep in touch with me via my email address.Do welcome the teachers too...:)

Vivien Lee Poh Sum<>

Kindly email to me all future event and/or function of the school so that as an "old girl" of CLS can take part and attend the same. Thank you and God Bless.

John Gustafsson<>

My mom, Jean Marie-Therese Symons, was a First Boarder at the Convent Light Street from the early 1920s, and taught history and grammar there from about 1939 to 1958. She passed away in 1988, but I would love to hear from anyone who remembers her.

latiza che lat<>

Hai...pls do email me who ever still remember me. CLS student back in 1972-1984.

Chua Bee Ling<>

For all those who know me and have lost touch, I would really love to hear from you. After spending almost 30 years in the UK, first for further school education followed by University (graduated from University College London in 1984 with BSc Hon Economics ), then marriage to Mark Bailham (for over 21 years now ),3 kids ( Shaun 17+, Adrian 15+ and Leanne 9 ), I have been slowly getting some contact back with my ex-CLS mates. Currently, I am a home-maker which is more stressful than going out to work as it is a 24-7 job. I still visit Penang yearly in August when my kids are on their summer break. Email me someone !!!!

Melissa Ooi Ling Hsia<>

I graduated on year 2002 (4PA1), eventhough i was previously from several other schools CLS provides me the greatest impact of all... yeah back in those days I still remembered how i hate my schooling know rules and regulations and tones of homework...haha come to think of it now I actually miss CLS alot...miss my school mates, my best friends and of cause the warm kind loving teacher...Do hope all my friends out there do well in their career and best of luck everyone!!! Oh never forget to care and share spread the spirit of CLS wherever you go...once a colistrian, always a colistrian....I am proud to be a part of CLS.

Joanne Lim<>

Looking at all these pictures makes me miss our school so much. The morning breeze and the bird calling every day waiting for school to start. The little gardens in the primary school area where we use to run and play during BREAKs. The spookey toilets in the primary school yard. The wobbly building that is right in the middle of the school. The lovely chapel that welcomes everyone during mass. Last but not least the sound of the school bell rings and also the pupils noice during recess. oh.... and also the canteen food that i use to be bored of that time and now misses it so much. The fried bee hoon, the curry mee and laksa from auntie Agnes, the malay nasi lemak..... Oh how much I miss U my school.... To all my teachers, thank you so much for making me who I am today. For making me happy and not even once would i change my life if there is a second chance. To all the Convent girls, stay happy and cheers!!!

Seoh Lin<>

I entered CLS in 1967 (Kindergarten) and left school after Form 5 in 1978. Definitely the best years of my life - an institution with great teachers and ever-caring nuns whom I am very thankful to, they helped to groom me, to shape me and taught me to be who I am today. Made lots of wonderful friends who I still keep in touch with. There was never any racial barriers - Malay, Indian or Chinese - we were all the same to the teachers and also to one another. We respected each other, we became best buddies and we all worked together to achieve our goals. I have my late father to thank because he was the one who made the decision to send me to CLS, joining all my elder cousin sisters in the school. Many of my teachers may have gone home to our creator but I'll never forget them for all their guidance and care.Too bad I have no daughters to send them back to this wonderful school but I'm glad that my nieces are studying in CLS right now. Hope to be able to get some pleasant emails from friends who I have lost contact with. Here's me signing off... Seoh Lin

Shirley (Soo Leng) Koay<>

I completed my form 5 education under Mrs Amrik in 69 and have been living in London, UK ever since. I have 2 other sisters who were also in CLS. I enjoyed my time in CLS and have many fond memories of school days under 'Long Chin Tan', Ms Kang, Sister Marion, Sister Josephine and Sister Frances de Sales (other teachers have since passed away). Although some of my classmates married, work and remain in Penang, I have lost touch with many others and would like to hear from them. My family is still living in Penang and I do go back from time to time. So, all you who were around the same time as me in 69, do get in touch with me.


Recently, I discovered some old photos of the Convent. My late mother, Marjorie Lim (Kar Chang) attended this concent in the 1930s when thye migrated from Burma to Penang. The photos were taken between 1934 -1935. If anyone has relatives who were around at that time and know a little bit more of those Convent days, I would love to hear from you as we're currently tracing our family history back to Burma. I believe that my Grandfather, Lim Kar Chang was a great supporter and contributed financially to the running costs of the Convent in those days. I know reading through this website that most stories and memories are recent compared to mine, but can only hope that at least some of my mother's friends may still be around.

tan swooi kheng<>

anyone remember the hawker untie selling buns....??? remember she got 3 daughters, 1st - 1989 (5 Sas), 2nd - 1994 (5 Science) & me - 1996 (5 Science). if anyone remember us pls pls do email me. i love you CLS.

Joyce Chu<>

Wowsers!! I can't believe there are so many people on here and I feel like I'm the last to know about this sit. Yea, yea so I have been a little busy with being a mom and work..I graduated from CLS in 1999, best times of my life. We won 2nd place in the State Debate Finals (heya Audrey in Sunny San Fran) and we creamed those stuck up Chung Ling people in Youth Speak muahahahahah! Now I'm 24 and I have a little girl named Mia Serena who turns ONE today. I MISS school so so much. I feel that the collistrians of today have not so much love and pride for their alma mater. It is just school. Period. Shame to see that they dont know what they are missing, the best teachers in the world..friends who stand up for you and the occasional psycho/flirt like myself to brighten up your day! Lots of love to all my ex-schoolmates, to those who have been connected or touched by CLS in some way like I have. God Bless! I am planning a BIG REUNION bash, not at a boring hotel or park but at Penang's premier nightclub. Buffet dinner and party the night away! Holler back some suggestions and I'll get cracking!! Ciao Bella!

Rokiahmah binti Mohamed Ali<>

I happen to come across this site b'cos of my 11 year old daughter Nadiah who is doing a school assignment on Penang. When she showed me these pictures, locked up memories unravelled themselves. I was a pupil from kindergarten in 1968 to 1978 when I left to join the Sek. Men. Teknik in Ipoh. But subsequently I did my Medicine in India, Postgraduation in UK and am now residing in Sheffield, UK. I am a skin pathologist married to an orthopaedic surgeon. I have fond memories of all those schooling years and I am very thankful to the excellent institute and the wonderful teachers. I remember Zarida Hanum who left after std. 1, Shamsiyah Shamsuddin, Irene, Choy Wan Peng, Amy Tan, Arjinder Kaur, Jansee, Bedilia, Jasmine, the twins (Henrietta & Caroline)and many others whose faces keep flashing. I would love to meet any of you when I come to Penang (usually once a year). I will write to Sabine Theiss whom I've been wanting to get in touch for a long time. My std I classroom photo now is the wallpaper for my PC. I love the school, all the teachers and all my friends! It's a small world and I hope to meet any of you or all of you again!

Chee Lye Yung<>

I'm graduate on 2001 (5Sc). Looking back I already left school for about 5 years. I'm a Colistrian since kindy. CLS mean so much to me especially the spirit and teaching i learnt during my school life. Those memories not only sweet but they are amazing, fabulous and unforgettable to me.

What I miss about CLS are:

THOSE teachers like Pn. Woo (who has her own ways and rules when teaching), Ms. Kanages (her passion and dedication when it comes to add math ), Ms. Chan (the HM during my time), Ms. Wong S.F, Pn. Amy Wong, Pn. Maiyuzah (who inspired me a lot), and of course our late Ms. Su L.F. (class won't be fun without her)...
THOSE tasty moist chocolate cake made by Ms. Su and of course those food in the canteen that time...HMM~~YUM~~YUM!!
THOSE moments during girl's guide gatherings, campings and outings...
THOSE fun that we had during our tradition "entrepreneurship day"...where we were allowed not to attend classes...
THOSE leadership camps to our build characters...
THOSE friends~~miss you girls a lot!!
and lastly
THOSE days when i wore my prefect uniform!!
Different people had different experiences, different stories in CLS...
What about you??
Once A Colistrian, Always A Colistrian,
~~Lye Yung~~

Lim Soo Poh<>

Hello! I was a student here in 1970 or 1971 for six months. Does anyone remember an orphanage next to our school? I'm looking for my twinsister who was an orphan there. Her name also starts with Lim Soo ... We were born on 11 November 1953. How can I get more information about the orphanage? Thanks for any help.

Noor Jhan<>

Hai......I left CLS in 1984 when I was in Form 5Sas.......I think Mrs Thevan was our class I am in KL. It has been 22 years since I left but I have not had any chance to be in touch with any of my classmates. I can't even remember most of the names. I can only remember names like Roslina and Salina from my class. That time Sister Mary Ann was our HM. Anyone who could recall me, pls keep in touch. I miss my scholl live very much.


To me Convent Light Street is a second home...since i began to start my education...i was to start it in Convent Light Street and since now in Form 5 still in the same school.The teacher there is very dedecated and caring,the girls on school hours will never miss their home because AS THEY ARE THERE.I was sad to even think that this is my last year of school and after that i will miss my school very much....the motor of my school is one of my insperation in life...I am sure that all the past and present girls of CLS will know what is that?BE AWARE,CARE AND SHARE..this is a better,better n better moto that all of us most follow in our daily life.

Juliana Tanlee<>

CLS! I had never thought of the years to move at quite a speed... Well, i spent most of my early childhood to late teenage years in CLS, and talking about memories... I have got loads! I started my learning years from age 6 onwards... i met my colistrian sisters and bestfriends here... Being so many years here gave me a better reason to grew as a part of this place no matter where i go or what i do... A colistrian will always be a colistrian! Good Luck to all teachers who are putting so much effort to shape wet clays into beautiful sculptures and making them important people... Your hardship will never be forgotten! Thank you so much!

Fiona Liew Hsiao Ching<>

Graduated in year 1993. Would like to keep in touch with old friends, please do write. Had fond memories, especially with Karen Ho, Sherilyn Kang, Junaidah, Evelyn Lam and Mrs Yoon (Science teacher ). God is great to have put me in CLS !

Khee Ping<>

hi, to all the colistrian. I study in form 1 Indigo this year(2005). This was the first year I study in this school. I am very happy to study here. I have make a few friends too. They are: Yin Yin, Lee Kah, Ee lin, Sau Shan and ..............


Hi, to all friends especially to 5 Science 1996. i have been studying here for about 11 years since 1986. I have a very great time with all my teachers and friends. I love CLS and hopefully I can reunite with all my friends especially miss farha ajir, nurul hamama, noor farah diana, fahyu hanim, shobana devi, norlatina, norizan and etc.... kindly please contact soon as possible.


I'm an ex-colistrian.... i shifted to Klang after the teacher's day celebration in the year 2005. as long as i was in this school, the teachers here was so nice to me.. i really love them as they are still sitting in my heart as the most beloved people in my life... Miss Su a wonderful teacher, eventhough she is not around to cook and enjoy the celebration, i know that she is always around with us living in all our hearts... CONVENT LIGHT STREET LOVES YOU.

Lim Bee Ling<>

Oi...classes of 2001. Where are you? 4 years has passed but it seems long to me and i supposed to most of you too. I'n an ALUMNI of the year 2001 obviously. I'm currently in Sydney pursuing my studies and fingers crossed gonna be graduating. I could still rmb how most of the from the class of 2 Ungu (1998) went for a few cups of coffee in the main office. We've gone through a little too much i think but we've gone through it and i think that would be the most memorable thing in our high school life. To all my friends of 5PA 1( 2001), do drop me a few words when u feel free. I would like to also take this chance to express my gratitude to the advisor of the BOL, Ms Quah(1996),Mdm Ng and Mdm Cheok (2000-2001), Pn Maryam for ur patience with us, En. Rozaidi, Ms Leong K.T, Pn Lee L.C, Pn Amy Wong (my P.E teacher for 5 years in CLS Sec), Mrs. Yoon(our science teacher 2000-2001)not forgetting our stern but effective headmistress(1990 - 2000) Ms Frances Chan who now works in IICP and last but not least to the late Ms. Su L.F. Take care, all the best and i shall see you guys soon.


My girlfriend went to this school and she often speak of it and her school friends with good memories. I believe the school helped to shape her into the wonderful person that she is today. It's easy to come to that deduction after reading all the other anecdotes posted on your site.

Normah Mohd Isa<>

Hai everyone, past and present students of CLS. Looking back at the pictures brought back fond memories of my school days. I spent my primary days in Convent Penang Road from 67' to 72' afterwhich i joined CLS for my secondary education (73' to 77'). Would like to keep in touch with friends who knows me.There were not many Malay students back then. They were only three in my class, namely Norshida (the school's netball player who likes to come late to school(always missing the bus from greenlane)....shida if you happens to read this jangan marah ya....), roslaily (a good friend of mine with nice curly hair) and of course myself. Despite the numbers, we were close to each other at that time regardless of the race. Friends that I remember from my lower secondary and upper secondary are Sok Fun (since std 1, a school's softball player), chooi ching (who will always give me a tin of 'love letters' during chinese new of my favourite cookies), cherie lim (the ever so beautiful girl who is good in poems), mak yim seong (the school's head prefect in 1977 who i've known since std 1), siew fong, shanti, zalila, ruzina, margaret loh,lim ai hong, tan gaik leng, kam yong and many others

We were the first batch to be in the commerce class in 1973 but unfortunately not all of us did well in the subject (LCE) and the school was unable to have a commerce class for form 4 (1976, not enough students to form a class) of which i was very interested. I later joined form 4 Science and Pn Naimah was our form teacher. Until now i still remember her and wish her all the best. I was quite active in sports especially field events (javelin and shot putt) . I was conscious and shy to participate in track events. Every year took part in the above two events during annual school sports but only manage to get a bronze in my last year with CLS. The stars at that time were sprinters like robiah iskandar, sok yee (sok fun's elder sister)to name a few. Participate in netball, representing my "green house". I was also a girl guide from 73' to 76' (77' have to concentrate for my MCE). Took part in school concert especially dancing either representing my class or the girl guide movements. I am also a librarian (at least we were given the the first priority to borrow new books meant for the library)

I had short stint at St Xavier(1978). Was there for my lower six but left after I was offered a place in ITM (now Universiti Teknologi Mara ..). I was in the banking line for 20 years and opt to take up VSS. Now a homemaker with 4 children age ranging from 23 to 10 yrs, residing in Sabah (4.5 yrs now) following my husband who was posted here in 2001. That's a brief history of myself. To those who knows me, do keep in touch....

Khoo Gaik Beng<>

Wow...just stumbled on this website and the pictures sure bring back many memories. I've never seen the school looking so clean before!!! It's interesting to see all the responses below and I definitely recognise some names and share the same memories...Yeah those freaky Standard 1 toilets where everyone used to run back from. I can still hear the echoing footsteps in the empty corridor. One of the funniest memories is of a whole bunch of us sitting outside 4 Science by the steps listening to Azlina tell us about a story of somebody being possessed. We were all so engrossed by it that when a wind blew and shut the door behind us, Lisa screamed and we all jumped!! It was pretty funny. The other memory was of sitting in the old hall during a music lesson with Ms Thor or was it Mrs. Khoo and it started to rain. The interesting thing was it was raining on one side of the hall and on the other, it was completely sunny. It was quite beautiful.... I'm in Vancouver right now and would love to hear from some people so do write. Gaik Beng 2005

Anne Taylor<>

I am an Australian who lived in Penang during the 1950's. I was born in Singapore 1938. Went to the Convent in Light Street for about a month in 1945. My parents decided as the school had so many students, my education would be far better if I went to Perth, Australia to a boarding school. The worst decision they could have made. I was there for 7 years. I hated it. I wished they had decided to let me stay at the convent. I would have been able to go and live with them in Macalister Road. Anne Taylor (Martin)

Jennifer William<>

It's a great website for sure!! CLS is always the BEST!! The years I spent in CLS were meaningful...mainly because of my friends and my favourite teachers. A HUGE HELLO to all my friends who were in 5PA1 and 5SCIENCE-year 2002!!! To all my freak guys are always in my heart and prayers. Miss you freaks a lot.. Pn. Gurjeet, I'll never forget Macbeth, Shane, the poems & the short stories that you taught. En. Rozaidi, you are the BEST!!! Warm wishes to all Colistrians...

Yeang Soo Ling<>

Today is the first time that I am in this website. The pictures bring back so many memories of the ten years that I was there as a day student. It is the best school in Penang:) Hello to everyone who has walked in and out of those gates every school morning and afternoon during their schooldays regardless of whatever era was personal to them. For myself, I would like to touch base with the girls who were there between 1957 and '67, especially in the final year under the tutelage and guidance of Mrs.Tan.

Also anyone who remembers being taught by Sister Marion and Sister Josephine. In retrospect those were good years with so many memories to make them special. The many teachers with their idiosyncrasies; just as the students had theirs. some teachers I remember with fondness - like my Form Three English teacher. And Sister Marion who had considered that my English essays were good enough to be read out to the class when I was in Form Four. My religious studies teacher Sister Josephine who taught us in our final year. I remember her grace and her beauty. I remember too, that I used to wonder why she had become a nun and in my youth and naivety, I had regarded that as such a 'waste'. It wasn't until later years when I had the wisdom to appreciate that the nuns'lives were no less validated and dedicated to their special 'calling than that of the many students whom they had taught through the years.

Then there was Miss Kang who taught us Science during the last couple of years. Do any girls of that era remember her?:) She was inclined to throw chalks and dusters at any girl who had the misfortune to be in her bad books. We used to quaver with fear during her lessons because they were conducted like games of chance - fun one day, or full of classroom drama the next,depending on how she would perceive the girls'interaction with her.

In '67, I was in Mrs Tan's class. I didn't fare too badly as she taught one of my favourite subjects which was Literature. Charles Dicken's 'Tale Of Two Cities' - I remember I did well in the exam and she had let me and the rest of the class know this. It was a memory that I had carried with me when I left school later that year.

Reading the many excerpts of the memories of the girls who had passed through those school gates, one thing comes across more than anything else; that this world is a global village indeed. So many past students are scatted far and wide in various corners of the world. And yet none of us forgets our school years.

There are a few school friends that I would like to get in touch with again - Lim Ai Peng - who used to live in Keng Kwee St - off Penang Rd who had settled in Australia - hi Ai Peng, if by chance you should read this, please get in touch. Also Tham Soo Kuen, Khor Phaik Suan, Hong Siew Lan, Ooi Gaik Bee. At one time or another during those years their lives and mine had touched. And I have not forgotten them. Also anyone else who remembers me; though I rather doubt it Smile I was one of the quiet ones who wasn't that memorable. But because we share a common bond - it is such a special school; it would be nice to hear from any one who had shared with me, some of the teachers mentioned.

I married an English man and now live in England, with two sons Jules and Vern who are twenty-one and twenty-six respectively.

Remembering Light Street Convent, Soo Ling Yeang.

Nazeera Hanifa<>

Hi, its a wonderful feeling to see those pics..i was in the primary school from 1984-1989 (6 Jade). Still remember my friends, but dont really know if they do...Emily (met her recently), Lee Chi Yin, Goh Sue San, Tan Ui May, Suan Khim, Caroline, Clarene, Siew Hooi, Norfadhilah, Asmahani... Looking at the hall above (where we used to have our music class!) i remembered that we've had a wonderful time staging a play (std 6-1989), it was like a "Mind Your Language" class, and it was fun..especially the hours we spent after school to rehearse our lines...its still fresh.

Shirley Tan Kar Ming<>

Hi i'm in 3 Ungu(2005)...n i wanna shared dis memory to my sch n colistrian.....i had a wonderful day in CLS n i met many new frenzz..dats my pleasure..haha...dis sch very beautiful, big, interesting & many facilities were provided....I'm proud for my sch where been stayed for 153 YEARS...I never regret to studied in dis sch coz b4 da primary i was suppose to studied in chinese schs... but my dad wants me to cum CLS...THX 4 my dad...hehe....CLS teacher was so gud, kind n friendly.....hehe i still hav 2 years to spend in dis sch...I LOVE DA kokurikulum espeacially RED CRESENT.....i learnt many things from it...hehe
~wish u all da best~CLS


I am looking for miss mehta..english teacher in my year, class of 67.


yeah...lotz of memory to share...especially all da crazy stuff we did ages ago....haha... i miss CLS...all the lovely views..scenaries...there's no other place like a school by the sea...thought us how to look at things most loveble class will be at the form 1 indigo class..itz the Francis Light's bookroom. the 1 when you look out the window...u see sky with moutain attached to the sea.....thaz da most wonderful thing..and im glad that i had a chance to enjoy it.

Choy Wai Yee<>

I was a cls student from 1989 - 1993. Very grateful to my ex teacher, especially Mdm Khoo who really motivates me a lot to become a better person. I went back to Penang last year, Nov 2004 and visited CLS. I can clearly remember all the good & bad memories that i had in the school. Really hope to meet with all my friends again. Am currently living in New York and hope to know that there are CLS friends in the States as well. If yes, pls do drop me an email. Best regards, Wai Yee

Sabine Theiss<>

hi, came across this site by chance - i was a student at cls back around 1974, when i joined form 2a1 (i think). being the only european (german)student then, i remember feeling rather ankward, especially as i was not used e.g. to wearing a uniform or standing up when answering (my chair kept falling over at the beginning :-) ). i didnīt know any bahasa malaysia, and not too much english either... (had to study really hard) after the lce i left to join sggs. any old classmates around? would be really nice to hear from you.

Lye Hiang Lim<>

Wow, my primary school. Haven't been in contact with my primary school friend since I left for CPT end of Std 4 in 1989. Remembered this school is huge as compared to CPT. So much fun and running around during and after school hours. Chasing for bas sekolah after school to grab a window seat is one of the best stuff. Hope there are some CLS girls who remembers me. Please drop me a note if you would. Thanks.

Cecilia Lim<>

It's really great to see photos of CLS which bring back treasured memories of my school days. I spent 12 years in the school from 1968 (kindy) to 1979. Ours was the batch that was sent to SXI for Form 6 (previous batches went to St George's Girls' School!) Mum was a Maths teacher in the secondary school but I guess I wasn't a model student and I still have great memories of the time I spent in the Red Crescent Society and my dear classmates (we had such fun!). I still remember teachers like Puan Naima (who gave me Bahasa newspapers to read everyday because my Bahasa was not up to her expectations!), Sr Mary Anne (Form Teacher in Form 3A2 and Head Mistress in Form 4 & 5, whom I met recently at a CHIJ celebration in Singapore) and Mrs Teo (Geog teacher who commanded me to "pass" my Geography because I would be the only one in Sains class who would "fail" Geography), and others. (Teachers, thank you for making an impact on my life!) I have been in Singapore since uni days and am now heading a Convent school in Singapore. Some of my peers like Kheng See and Patricia have got daughters in my school (Thanks for your support, Kheng See & Patricia !). To current students of CLS, do enjoy your school days and do take full advantage of educational opportunities provided. Cecilia Lim

Amy Khoo<>

Appeal for financial assistance to repair of the roof of the Government House (the Admiralty House or Navy House) of Convent Light Street. Convent Light Street is 153 years old and presently the roof of the Government House urgently needs to be repaired as six roof beams of this heritage building in Convent Light Street have been damaged by termites making the building unsafe for use. Please support us in our effort to ensure that the Government House in our school is safe and conducive for teaching and learning that goes on daily inside the building and yet is maintained for the heritage purpose. The Government House has a long and illustrious history since the days when it served as the official residence of Capt. Francis Light. It has always been put to good use; it was a residence which then became part of a school run by the mission and now it is part of a government aided school. As the Convent is a government aided school, we have always relied on the generosity of well wishers to sponsor the major repairs and maintenance. Hence, the never-ending quest for funds. This support has kept our beloved school going and has benefited generations of students here. On behalf of the Convent Light Street Secondary School students and teachers, I appeal to you for help. We are grateful for whatever financial assistance you can give to our beloved Convent. Any donation by cheque should be made out to the Jawatankuasa Pembangunan SMK Convent Lebuh Light and sent to:

Amy Khoo Lean Hwa (Principal)
Convent Light Street Secondary School,
36, Light Street,
10200, Penang, Malaysia.
?Gratitude is the memory of the heart.?
Thank you and May God Bless you.
Yours sincerely,
Mdm. Amy Khoo Lean Hwa Principal
Ms. Tan Leh Sah
Chairperson, Board of Governors

Magdalene Tan<>

It has always been facinating to me to have studied in this school which is very rich in history and architecture. Would appreciate if this school be kept as original as it was. Student from year 1985 to 1989.

Wong Wai Kim<>

I graduated in 1978 after spending my primary and secondary school in CLS. I am now working in Singapore. The refurbishment to CLS makes it look great! It brings back fond memories of the past! If there is an alumni event for the graduants of Class of 1978, please email me at

Chan Yuen Yee<>

Hi, Am sudent of CLS in 2000-2004...I have many memories in this school,for example teachers day...thanksgiving day etc.I love this school very very very............much since i left this school...

Roseline Arputhanathan Goodman<>

I attended Convent Light School many years ago. I completed High School in 1968. I have visited my school a few times. Now I am in Colorado, America. I am a middle school teacher at Jefferson Middle school in Rocky Ford, Colorado. I am a Social Studies teacher and I teach 6th and 7th Grade in America. It is so different compared to Penang, Malaysia. I have enjoyed my schooling days at the Convent Light Street. There were many memories I have treasured. I hope to hear from the High School students from 1968. Thanks Roseline

Evelyn Khoo LP<>

I have gone through all the responses from fellow schoolmates who pen down their feelings of studying in CLS. I graduated in 1997 (5P2). I was the assistant monitor then...and Pn. Woo was my form teacher. I like her very much. So far from all the responses written, i think none of my same batch schoolmates are in. I wondered how are they right now. Time fly so fast..and I have graduated from CLS nearly 10 years. Anyone who knows me, kindly keep in touch with me via my email address.

Micheline Vallet-Boutin<>

I am looking for Agatha Tan who went to the convent in the l950s and 60s - she was my best friend.....does anyone remember her? I am now living in Australia and Agatha would be in her late 50's. as well as Maureen Aaron.

Siew Li McGowan<>

I left the school around 1970 and came to the UK in '72 to do my nursing training. I recently went home to Penang to celebtrate X'mas and managed to show my family the school I went to. My 14 year old son was bemused and pleasantly surprised. it is a pity that i never kept in touch with my old schoolmates, one of them was Vickki Beh. I still have fond memories of the school.

Ho Si Mun<>

I am an alumni of CLS 2001. Would love to catch up with people that i know.


Now i'm reading in this great great great CLS school! Now i'm in 3 indigo!My aunty-Ong Ah loo also reading in this school before!CLS is frend is very nice, i really like this school!

Karen Ho Lay Choo<>

I graduated from CLS, Class of '93 from 5 Sas 1. I have been in CLS for 12 year (Kindy - Sec School).What can I say about the school? It's a great school that brings alot of bittersweet memories back to me. I can't really remember the names of the teachers that have been such an inspiration to me but especially one that I can truly remember and she is Mrs.Yuen (science teacher). I sure do hope to meet up with her one of this days or perhaps write to her via email. Also, to other of my friends, Jackie Boey, Fiona Liew, Sherilyn Kang, Karen Leow many more. Also the Karate Club members who knows me, senior or junior. If you see this, please do keep in touch and write to me, k? God bless...

Juliana Teoh<>

hi all another great website from CLS...just wondering where are all the girls from my batch...i graduated in 95' and yes i miss this school a lot...not to say how was i feeling back then and now its totally different....would love to hear from anyone...know me or not...please drop me a to keep in touch with all our COLISTRIAN girls..

Diana Rodgers<>

Hello to all my former classmates between kindergarten(1971),through primary school and secondary school to Form 3A1(1980).I left in 1981 to study in Perth, Western Australia and have been living there ever since.If any of my old classmates would like to get in touch, please do!

Celina Ismail<>

Wow! Where do I start? I stumbled into this site while searching info on how tsunami affected Penang. I was born in Penang, but living in the US since March 1979. I went to CLS from Kind.('75) until Std.4('79). My father taught Bahasa Melayu to the chinese teachers at the school at one time also...not quite sure when it was though. The two teachers that I remember the most are Mrs. Kumar(std.2) and Mrs. Ng(std.4?). Even though I'm an American now, my heart will always belong to Penang. My thoughts and prayers to my "friends" affected by tsunami

Chong Siu Hwa<>

Hai I was very surprised to find this page. I miss my school year very much. I have been in London almost 10yrs.The thing that i can share about my life at this school is i met a lot of nice teacher. i am not a top class student but i always try to be good in anything. The subject that i hate the most is maths, at least i finish my form 5. i have been almost half europe my husband is half italian half serbian is a interesting life. my life change after coming to London. i have got a son he is Petar Chong/Sunjevaric age 2yr 4month he is my angle,life change even more after getting married and having a baby(change in a good ways). we have good time and bad time as long as you are happy any where you go you will be fine. i would to say thank you to all my teacher if they still remember me for all those year. A thank you for anyone who reading this.

Seri Muryati Sarudin<>

halooo......any news from class of 1992...5 perdagangan 1?


I happened to pass by this columm by accidently...i really miss my schooldays and CLS tht been 2 nd house for me . i would like contact friens out there who know my expecially those who studied 5SAS 2 (1989) under teacher Puan Maryam.I also personally would like to thank Miss Betty PAkiam for her giudes to all that needs help.AS i read on the passage i still remember Teoh siew yee..the golden athelete of yellow house ( if i am not mistaken..) .Anyway cheers to all.....CLEVER LADY SCHOOL (CLS )

Phyllis Yam<>

Hi, everyone.I'm Phyllis.I just want to say that CLS has been a great school to me.I started studying in this school in 1997 and now I am in form 2 Ungu(2004).I want to say thank you to all the teachers who had taught me,although some may have left the school and good luck to all my friends.Well done!

Lily Lim<>

I finished Form V in 1987 and living in Singapore right now. Some friends whom I haven't heard of since '87 and would like to know how they have been are Emi Lim, Evelyn Tan, Tye Siew Po, Annie Lee, to name a few. It's been a really long time..we have all grown would be nice too say 'hi'.

Fionne Khor<>

Very glad to find that most of my school mates ( graduate year 1995 ) do also send mails to my lovely school. I was studying in the school for 12 years ( since kindi till Form 5 ), am very proud to be a colistrian, till now, sometimes when I met with some of the teachers who taught me, they still remembers me although I've left the school for so long, especially Mr. Chan who taught me Science , Pn. Choo who taught me Accounting ( she was a kind, polite, and caring teacher, this makes me felt interested in accounting, that makes me into this line today ) Thank you

Lucy Lan<>

hi everyone I was class of 1995 when I left. Since then I have been all over the world and in a variety of jobs. nevertheless, CLS is never far from my mind and i do miss all my former classmates. Is there any one who still remembers the cheeky feisty girl that was moi !!! would be chuff to hear from Sally, Pam, Dot, Charlotte etc ect

Suan Hooi<>

really mis this school right now. actually i really don know dat der is a web site for our school until now i check in google oly i realize how i really mis this school. i don know if the teachers recognize me or not coz i'm nt dat often go back 2 visit them. being the ex-student i really wana go back when der is event.can sombody let me know wenever der is any event?

Lim Joo Li<>

so happy to stumble on this website.being an ex student of this school i am so proud that the ex girls are doing such a great job in restoring the school. looking at the pictures posted here brings back good memories of my school days the years of joys and laughter will always remain deep down in my heart. i am a teacher for the past 20years and still doing my degree here in terengganu. heard so much of the restoration of the school from the newspaper. could just only say keep up the good work!

Low Geok Mon<>

My name is Geok Mon Low and i graduated in the year 1972 and joined st xaviers for lower six before moving on to the uk for further studies. I am married and currently living in perth, australia. I have very fond memories of my old school. Thanks for posting such wonderful photographs of CLS. Some of the girls i remember from my school days are Ooi Siew cheng, Ng mui choo. I would love to hear from them again or anyone who still remembers me. It is so wonderful to keep in touch.

Teoh Siew-Yee<>

Hi, I am trying hard to trackdown Susan Helen Hing Hooi Loon who attended CLS primary school some time in the late 70's. She left for Upland School after Standard 5 and I lost touch with her thereafter. If anyone knows her contact please let drop me an email. Thanks.

Seri Muryati Sarudin<>

Dear all( ex student of class 5P1,1992), especially SOUTHA FAIZA WAHAB.... still remember me? has been such a long time to get to you. i served the internet on CLS...i couldn't believe that i found you at last. I've been looking for you all these while and my goodness....i still can't beleive that i finally found you. I can't forget the time when were together. We've been such a great friends......please contact me . I can't wait to hear from you.......miss you so much....

Frank Young<>

Was the CLS ever an Orphanage. From the photos I feel sure it is the place that was undergoing renovations in 1964. I was in the RAAF and many of us took children( very young)to our homes while the renovations went on. Many of the RAAF families actually adopted children from there. We looked after a little chinese girl of about 1 year old, her name was Cecillia Tan and somewhere I still have a colour slide of her. We would have liked to adopt her but at that time the chief Judge of Penang changed from being an Englishmen to a Chinese Malaysian and one of his first acts was to stop adoptions of chinese children to western families. I still remember his words "Chinese children are for Chinese Parents" What a shame we were very sad when we had to take little Cecillia back to the convent.

Lim Laik See<>

Hi, Just dropping a note and going down memory lane. I am one of the 1972 group of students who would like to get in touch with some old friends and a teacher. At present I am living in UK and plan to visit Penang in Aug. Will be grateful if you could put me in touch with anyone who may have an idea where these people are. The girls I am looking for are Helen Ooi, Tan Phaik Lee, Ch'ng Saw Gan and the teacher's name is Miss Chong. Finally, looking at the pictures did bring some wonderful memories back. The fun we had and the inspiration we got from Sister Francis'De Sales. Athough I have to admit at that time we were rather 'afraid" of her. I don't know why because I have never seen her angry or telling anyone off severly. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards Laik See Lim

Davey Lim<>

Writing from Canada. I am not totally sure if this is the same Convent Light Orphanage/secondary school while doing a research and I was told my Paternal Grandparents were either great supporter and contributor of this place. My Grandparents were in Rangoon back in the 1900's - 1930's but made numerous trips to Penang. If anyone has info please email me. Thank you. Davey Lim

Eva Lim<>

Any ex -boarders of the convent Light Street Penang? would be nice to stay in touch.

Tan Gaik Ling<>

Anyone remember Mrs Yoon Chon Leong (Science teacher in the year of 1980-1983. She has short hair, and wear glasses. I am looking to get back in touch with her. CLS ...bring back very fond memories My email:

Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar<>

I am looking for Rozie Rahim (Rosyatimah Rahim) I used to meet her frequently either when I was on duty (Red Cresent) while she was representing Convent Light Street at Padang Kota Lama (between 1975-1979). I used to visit her house in Jalan Kelawai frequently during those period since her brother (Shaharuddin Rahim) is also my good friend. My trip to Jalan Kelawai from KL sometime back didn't bear any result. So, Rozie if you are reading this ,please mail me ok at (xaverians,farquhar street 1975-1979)

Natalie Cornelius<>

I left CLS when I was in Form 3 in 1986 to come to Australia. I'm currently in Perth and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. My old friends were Azizah bt Sharif, Kartina, Leong Tye Lee and Lam Mong Teng to name a few. I really miss the old school even though some parts of it gave me the creeps. Don't you just love the ghost stories. Anyway, hope someone out there remembers me.

Tina Spencer<>

Does anyone know how to get more info about the year i was in...1978.and info about teachers who taught there.thanks.

Lim Bee Peng (Erin)<>

i'm still studying in cls in form 3ungu...wat i'm gonna say is tht to all the staff keep up your work and to all the pmr student this year(2004) study hard and play smart and not to be forgetable all the form five pupil work hard and score high...... to letticia ho 5pa1 (2004) i'll miss you very much and to shelva meena 5sn1 your the best senior we ever had ,not to be forgetable to and pn.cheok the teacher advisor of BOL thanks for all the guiding ever since i join the board to my frens at 3UNGU tzyy, yng, blian, , chinchen, atria, sherlynn,deepa and sam thanks for being my good fren and good listener

Maung Tin Aye<>

Dear sir, My mother (Khoo Po Syo) went to a school in Penang for about 2-3 years around 1930. I have a letter written to her, in 1930, from one of her teachers and its address is given as "The Conevent, Penang". The sister's name is Sr. St. Jerome. There was also another teacher there at the time called St. Aloysins. Would this school be Convent Light Street. My mother was from Rangoon. Thanks for your kind attention, M.T.Aye M.D [Yes. That school is the Convent Light Street. kayes]

Farha Ajir<>

I've spent all my life shifting from one place to another. And all in all, i've been in 8 learning institutions. Each contributed to mould me into a person i am now, yet CLS has the greatest impact on me. Partially it was due to the fact that i was at the tender and impressionable age of 13 and 14 (92 ? 93 ?- 1 & 2 Indigo). As compared to many of my peers, im kind of rootless, growing up in an ever-changing environment thanks (or no thanks) to my dad being with the RMAF. I was always envious of fellow CLS classmates who so evidently shared many many years before them with each other, some even dated back in kindy years. Yet the warmth and understanding extended to me in that still young age, made me feel welcomed and one of the girls. In that brief two years before I was again spirited away, CLS teachers and fellow students taught me what sisterhood is all about, what social responsibility is, what spirit of togetherness means. No matter where I go, what kind of environment ! I get thrown in, no matter how many old friends I lose for one reason or another, I always am proud to say that I too have colistrian memories in me. I too was nurtured by the loving colistrian ?hands?. I too went through colistrian tradition. I guess, moving here and there not only confined to geographical shift, but it is evident also in my choice of career. I was a pure science student but have a degree in Finance. Right upon graduation end of 2002, I join
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Gek Hoon

Registered: September 2008
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September 21, 2008 8:36am

Hi, I attended CLS from 1969 - 1973 before going on to complete my 2 yrs of HSC at St Xavier's Institution & graduating from A levels in 1975. I was in the same classes at CLS with Uan Har, Saw Hwa, Lai Chan, Olivia Teoh, Hew Ah Mooi & many many more. Wld love to get in touch with any of these ladies & even my classmates (girls & guys) from St Xavier's Institution.

I married & moved to Perth in Jan 1981 & have lived in Perth since. I have a 27 yr old son engaged soon to be married. I work as a medical secretary/receptionist.

My memories of CLS & St Xavier's were mostly fond memories. I remember Sister De Sales, Cikgu Naimah (my BM teacher), Mrs Kung (my Form 5 teacher), Mrs Lim (Chemistry teacher) etc. Seems such a lifetime away!

So, if anyone who remembers me, pl get in touch via this forum or to my hotmail address. Hv a nice week!

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November 20, 2009 5:16am

hi, i am rosmawati rosli left CLS in 1984,5Sience. love to get in touch with my friends-elizabeth chan, lam lye siang, jessie tan,subaida,salina,sunita. I am now in kota damansara, please contact me at

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May 25, 2010 10:27am

Hi I am Jaspal and i went to CLS 1973 - 1977 (Form 5). I have fond memories of my time at CLS and the wonderful friends and the terrific teachers. I live in Queensland Australia and would like to get in touch with the class of 1977. pls contact me at

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July 15, 2010 8:41am

Hi there! My name is Patricia Ann Fernandez and I am from Class of 1976. This really brings back fond memories of my schooling days. I remember my primary days in Std 3 with stern Teacher Annie (the matsalleh lady) who made me an express student. Jumped from Std 3 to Std 5! Anyone of you who remember me? Please do keep in touch. I can be contacted through email at or hp 016-314 3267

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April 6, 2012 8:15am

An email from Sue Meakin :-

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April 6, 2012 8:24am

hi Sue, you can visit your old school. Just let the guard at the gate know who you are and you will be allowed access to certain parts of the school if it is during school hours. If it is a non school day, I suppose you can see more. Since you are an "old girl", try to speak to the Principal if it is a school day and I am pretty sure they would like to welcome you Smile

If you have more questions about Penang, just ask them at this forum. You can choose any photo to ask your question and I will try to provide the info you need.

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