Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Wii by Nintendo

Game console with a great remote. You can play almost "real" tennis or golf. Just swing the remote like the way you swing a real tennis racket or a golf club. And Super Mario Galaxy is a most delightful game for young or old :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just bought the Wii Fit. Enjoyed the exercises in your own comfort at home. You can choose your personal trainer and he/she will guide you through all the exercises. There 40 altogether but the Wii Fit come with standard exercise and you unlock the rest as you progress. I do the exercises for 30mins each day.It is fun and doing it with your partner is encouraging and can be quit competitive.Will be good for a group team building as well.I do not have to pay to join a Fitness Club now.

03 May 2008 16:37  

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