Saturday, 5 April 2008

Welcome to Gadget Talk :-)

Hi all, I have started "Gadget Talk" simply because I am an incorrigible Gadget Freak. Being a senior citizen I have often been told I should really be doing some serious gardening, like growing and selling bonsai plants instead of wasting my retirement funds on gadgets. My detractors might have a point but I will not engage them in a debate here.
Technology intrigues me and when the latest technology is applied to new gadgets, I find them irresistible. If you love gadgets or have an interest in them, why not join me here. Unlike "specialised forums" which are able to discuss a particular gadget in depth, I confess my knowledge is only skin deep but I know enough to get that thing going :-)
I will start with my Sony PSP Slim. The original PSP (PlayStation Portable) was launched in 2004 but I did not buy one then as I considered it too "heavy". Then Sony launched the slim version late last year and it is a beauty. I bought one as soon as it was available in Penang on the grey market.
The PSP can play games (of course!) and it has built-in Wifi together with a web browser enabling you to surf the net. It plays music as well as video. It can also display photos. Quite a versatile fellow.


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